I want that..

Write me a song, make it work.
Paint me a picture, infuse my soul in it.
Sing me a melody to say how you feel.
Speak from your heart.
Mould me from clay to be an image after yours.
Create a little storm to calm the fires.
Ruffle some feathers to make a silly sound.
Jump through hoops to make me smile :)
Do a little hula, make pigs fly.
Cook a little something in nothing.
Pick a wild flower to place behind my ear..

Leave a trail of kisses.

A look of love.
Leave behind your inhibitions.
Dream up a storm.
Do nothing at all with something.
Place your hand in mine.
Let’s walk through the storm…

Wolf blow that horn

Big bad wolf how you blow
Blow that horn
Blow it hard and long

Make this house
Shake , shake it down
Hard and loud

The night is long
And I’m in for trouble
So come and blow that horn

Big bad wolf with your greedy smile
Your eyes that bring malicious
Teeth so sharp it rips me apart

Bear down on my skin
Make it crawl
Make it bleed

Big bad wolf you might have found your match
A big bad nightmare
That will bring you into a wormhole

The universe and dreams collide
We’ll make dark magic happen
Blow that magic dust
Turn my eyes around

Madness is about to bring the house down
We’ll go round and round and round
Huff and puff
Chucking on.

Marry or Merry ???

Marry the night!
Take me away!
Tear at my flesh and reveal the moon.
The wolves that hound and howl lingers….
Away with the chase,
Shed some skin to reveal,
the truth that you try to conceal…

Marry the day!
You can’t anyway!
Cause it is illusive and bright and brilliant.
He’ll burn right through you…
Leave you in pieces before you even know what you are up against.
Those shines,
Those laid back shoes….

Flee the darkness!
Let it roll off you like a new skin being shed.
Flee the sun!
As it cause freckles,
and you are all pickled,
tickled out…
Oh run. …..
Oh shoot….

Black Cat Awoken

I’m me
A delicate flower
A leaf floating in the sea
A spider spinning
A child with a candy
A dream at the tip of your lips
A kiss on a hot summer’s day that melts

I’m me
Innocent and foolishly naive at times
Shrewd and wise the next
Gentle yet firm
Tough yet soft hearted
A ball of contradictions
A taste of your own medicine
Without rules ok maybe some
But with the ocean and the new moon
Comes full circle
And become just me…



Ooh child

You and your silly sweet smile
You and your gentle hands, soft lips,
Your eyes that whisper passionately,
Your enduring “baby”~
The way your hungry haze lingers
The smoothness of your voice.
Your eyes that sparkle
Your endless dreams and ignited spirit,
Your drive, your desired,
Infectious and so scandalous.
Sweetness, how you make me smile.
You and your silly sweet smile


September, September’s sun
You that overruns.
Intrigued by your childlike ways
Fascinated by your drive and energy.
Infectious in every way,
The way you hunger for life,
The way you smile.
September, September’s run
That melted my heart,
Like the way, you melted my cold heart.


Eternal youth in a bottle
What she offered down by the river
For a spell that is cast
For a love ever last

Cast it into the ocean
These empty bones
And your love will run deeper
Run to your waters

Reap the soul of the forgotten
Let it wash over
Sink to your lover
Cast time into yonder

Wash that soul
Flee the darkness
Bring life again into the ocean
Revive your love. Revive