Between Stations

Station after station
Seating here thinking of you.
Your scent lingering on my skin
The wind caressing my face

I get so breathless when we meet
I get so comfortable when we touch
It’s just magical
I just want it to flow
I wanna dance and ride with it.

Now the stations pull in
And you get off and on
I see you go.
And even when you do
I am still with you
In a trance with you
Dreaming of our next stay over.
Our next stop.

Drift away

Floating in the wind.
Like feathers drifting on it.
Your touch soft and delicate.
Lips brushed.
Fingers that trace my lips and face.
Delicate like petals.
Your warmth that intoxicates
I’m enamored

We drift silently
Back and forth
Till lines had blurred and I no longer know where I start and where you end
For the wind
had drifted
And I am enamored
And you are there
And I am swept away …..

A rap or something

I wear my socks
My time
and think of you

I leave my clothes
my dignity
in a pile for you

Write the lines
The graphs
The ends that tie

Let it all
The emotions
just pass me by

Cause we’re cool like that
Yeah I’m a fool like that

Just for you
and my sneakers
Living lines
Loving life

Peace out✌️