I don’t trust myself
when I’m with you.

I don’t trust my heart,
My tears, they are meaningless.

I don’t behave when I’m with you.
You blow my mind,
It’s blown to a 1000 pieces and I can no longer hide.

I don’t trust myself
As I’m falling and I hate it
But I love it
Then I hate it
And I want it.

Don’t trust myself ,
Not at all.



Drowning in it all…
My tears,
Your pain.
All I’m feeling
Not feeling drowning in a bottle.
Drowning in my silliness.
You won’t see me drown.
Your life buoy bobs.
Your hands they dangle
but they never catch.
They don’t wanna let me up.
They sink me
And I like it.
Drown in meaningless words
And feelings that don’t matter.
Drown in sorrow when
Sorrow isn’t an emotion.
Just forget it…
Let it fade
Drown in surrender….
Drown in love
Drown in it all


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Alice free falls

Alice drowned and emerged soaked.
A new world covered in mist and smoke
And he was a Cheshire Cat
With a smoke grinning gesturing at her.

Alice rose and fell with each step.
Roses had bloomed with each little tap.
The air around her sweet and ripe,
Ready to burst into delight.

A cup of tea to smooth her chills.
It warms her and clings to her without frills.
Alice thinks of her rabbit and starts to wonder?
How fall have I fallen yonder?

Free fall
Free fall
She tumbles and slips.
Alice is happy that she never has to go back to sleep.








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To Infinity & Beyond…

No my darling.
I wouldn’t change a syllable.
A noun nor
The grammar.
I’ll let all the words come undone
To form the perfect
Form of you.

Non my sweet.
I wouldn’t change a single
All that flutters is gold.
Each touch, each glance,
Whether you are a mirage or a figment
I would gather and wanna hold.

Yes my love.
I would want this always
And always want you.
Even if you think you bore
Or we grow cold or old or forlorn
Wither come what may…

Oui, till the end of this galaxy
And beyond the new universe.
Unicorns may rule the earth
And dolphins sing
Our love song
Perhaps then can I wrapped myself
against the force of loving thee
Mysterious, unpredictable
Amazing and carefree…

Sweet lullaby

I woke to cradle your soul in mine
I woke to sing you a lullaby
To caress your soft curls in my hands
To look you in the eye and say I want you to hold me once again
I woke to gently kiss you
And to hear your voice say my name
I woke because I wanted to because
With our fingers intertwine thus
It feels like I’m eternity yours
And you are mine.


Chrysalis one day you’ll up and fly.
Chrysalis all cosy and curled up in your scene.
I ‘ll love to see the colors that you are hiding within.
Time shall help you see
All the beauty I see in thee.
Chrysalis munching slowly upon that leaf.
I’ll hold you gently, stroke you, if you would let me.
I love to see you wiggle and smile
While you squirm.
Chrysalis for this moment
You’re mine to play with then set free.