Begin again

I’ve lived meaningless lines and lines.
None had brought me comfort,
But by the weight of your hands.

And time had passed.
Each flicker another,
And yet your love still remains.

It wasn’t you who left me in the shadows.
In the wings I had hid instead.
You had created me out of darkness,
For the greater stuff I was to bear.

I ran away from your glory,
yet still within me,
Inside me, you remained,
Still remain.

I could run in circles
And circle back to the beginning,
Where you’ll find me,
Where I’ve always been waiting.

Knowing of your love.
Known that I’ve been loved.
I’m covered in your blood.
Bathed, drenched in your tears.

Magnify in me,
Let your light shine.
Rectify the darkness,
That I might shine from within.

Petite Fluer

I met a fluer dainty as can be.
Floating on a breeze.
Wishing to be set free.
It would leap and bounce
Get caught up in it’s dreams.
Made up moves to catch the sunrise
And sung lullabies to the moon.
Fluer dancing in the wind
Light petals falls
Leaving footprints for all to see.

Simple Then

Bring me back to the days where life was so much simpler.
Vanilla envelopes covered with ink stain words.
Pictures that were printed.
I remember my father’s old turn table and a record that he loved.
He would put it on and I’ll twirl and twirl then fall and start again.
A world where thoughts were private and hushed.
And mystery that surrounds each adventure.
A Remember a time where my life was so gentle.
A ride on my bike in summer.
Lazy days on my bed writing away.
A life full of possibilities and yet lived
so simply.

Murky Waters

I sank into murky waters
As the river flowed
As I floated I watched the skies change
Orange fade to black to orange

I would hear the ravens and owls at night
Bats gone home
A blanket of starlight
Chorus of toads and their lullabies

I sank in the waters to find my way home
Thought it would cleanse my rotten soul
Change me and my twisted, tortured soul
Weightless I floated till I was cold

Searching, searching
Trying to find my peace home