We are destined by Thee


I looked at you sitting on the stairs
Has it been so many years since we met?
Your face is gentle
A gentlemen’s face
Your words wise and deep.
I remember the first time I fell
Your fervent, your passion had burst forth from within.
Burn for Him my love
And take me with you.
I wanna see you fall to your knees
As we raise our hands to heavens
Smile softly my sweet
I like the way you sing praised to Him.

And as we held hands in silence
It became so clear to me
You and I,
We are destined
A single purpose brought forth
By a power greater then we.


Out of this world

I wanna pour all of me into you
Draw circles down your spine
Turn you inside out
Write you name on your sides
We spin round up to the galaxies
Go to mars
In reverse or forward

Let me pour my lips down upon you
Draw from you all the good I see and show you.
Make it seem like we could travel through time and space
Come down from outer space to eat
Then zoom into another world

Let me pour all these craziness into your universe
Make you see mine
and you take me to yours
Let’s create a whole new continent
Move mountains
Go on the adventure that never ends
Sail the 7seas
Howl at the moon
And part~

The best sound to wake up to.

I woke up to the soft beating of the rain upon my window.
Chores to do and thoughts of you.
Soft lips drifting upon my mind
A window of opportunities that we had passed us by now discovered.
What are we and how did we get there?
A swirly in my rainbow mind
And you a cool kat
A drifting from cloud to cloud
My hand to yours
Pass the soft lips from yours to mine.
The beating of the rain
Your pounding heart held against mine
The best sound to wake up to …




She placed me upon the pink carousel pony.
And told me to hold on.
A vision against the greying skies
Her pale blue dress
And soft hair blowing
As I bounced up and on
Up and on.

I didn’t know when or how long it had been that her face faded from my sight.
I searched and tried not to call out.
Strong little girls don’t ever do.
Alas, the tears, the cursed tears
Burst and ran amok down my skin.
Drenching it.

She wasn’t there.
She wasn’t here.
I clung on to whoever it was that was holding me.
Was she she ever coming back?
Good girls should never think that.
What’s what my mummy always told me
When I was 3.

Inspired by Meredith in Grey’s anatomy. :)

When I’m feeling cold …

No, no soul to hold
A fragment of my imagination.
You are an empty vessel.
A pretty little trinket to be fondle
Then cast aside in the cold.

I grow cold
And I seem to enjoy the company of frost and his old soul.
His Eyes death
Not hearing just being told.

No, no soul
Just empty spaces between time.
A lingering moment that was covered to seem nice.
You tried
But in the end the cold slipped up
And I fell into the hole.

Grow cold.
Snow angels alone at twilight.
I tremble, trampled upon them
Took their place.
Prayed for a fresh blanket
To cover the old.

We are Weird!


We are weird

Only you can taste as sweet
Only you can make me fly with wings
Let’s go on a journey to outer space

We’re Martians
We’re aliens
We’re a different brand of the human race

Carved to be sweet
Made to sweeten
Just a taste and your universe expands

Drawing circles in the outer sphere
Drawing moons and stars
Drawing, exploring new worlds


Reaching for you
The zephyr in the sky.
Stretching my arms out to the streaks of white that scars through the night.
Stalking your music.
Searching to see if you would look for me.
A taunting vision enchanted by that mystery of you.
That fire that is you.
Burn in the night burn.
Let me ride on your tailcoat.
Let’s get caught up in your vision of this illusion.
Zephyr in the sky scurry don’t go by you won’t regret this vision.
I’m nothing you’ve ever will know.
Nothing you will ever see again….