🌸Dedicated to my Mummy who has been with me through it all. Blessed Mother’s Day. 妈母亲节快乐🌸
And to all mothers, godmas,grandmas and mothers to be. Blessed Mother’s Day🌹







I can’t remember how it felt to be born and to be in my mother’s hands that 1st time….
I can’t remember how my son or daughter smelt like when they were placed in mine. 
All I remember is feeling that I would never be the same me ever again. 
That love at 1st sight feeling is indescribable and the bond unbreakable.
Seeing my son sleep and I sneak him a whisper of love. 
Seeing my girl tossing in her crib,

I bend over and kiss her.
I’ll never love like this ever again. 
Each moment, each fear, each heartbreak of theirs forever linked mine.
Every experince in your life. 
Each love, each failure and Victories live it well and savor it. 
Be brave. Be faithful. Fight for what you believe in and always be kind. 
Be better than me and your Father. 
And always 


I’m proud and you are loved. 
Thank you for calling me mama 

my sweet babies.



Does it matter?

I let it consume me and struggle no more. 

The sand slipping between me around me. 

My eyes on the crack of sky. 

That azure streak 

The birds chirping melodiously

And me, moments from eternal silence. 

A peaceful sleep. 

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We circle And gaze upon each other Entranced by the dance and hunger. 
That fire inside

An amber them blaze

Shooting from the skies
You take me and kiss me savage and wild the way I like. 

Pull me in for the kill

I won’t put up a fight. 
On the meadow 

You drink me deep

And I, you. 

Intoxicated with this hunger 

Satisfied once again. 



” Reminisce ”
My fingers just lingered to your name

I miss your silly face and your lips on mine 

I play it in rewind 

Rewind and rewind and rewind 
I’m like the wind and you the feather floating into my dreams 

Tormenting my thoughts and giving me aches and pains 
We cannot unwind

We can’t remain

Just sail it away to the atmosphere 

And keep the memories in a pocket for another clear sky day
But for today I shall remain in my isolated isle

Recording the sounds and the swishing of the sheets as we laid 

And empty promise we had whispered 

Still lingers, lingers, lingers 

In the bottom of my mind. 

L is …

“L is .. ”
Being loved is not an easy thing. 

It means pockets of sunshine 

Grasping each other hands through the Rays. 
Being in love is bitter sweet surrender , surrendering to the fact that you can be at ease with whatever may come. 
Being silly , being easy and simple as we should. 
Being there is just whispering in your ear, “how much I miss you. ”
Loving is easy and forgetting is hard when fresh love resolves to something mature you know it can last. 
We long we often want that something new forgetting and remembering being loved is like ambers fanned out and flamed it can run its course anew. 
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