Fragile as a butterfly 

Life passes by

Footprints in the snow 

Gone with the rain 

Come spring and wind blows 

Petals drift and the distance 

And life starts again.










Ive seen a thousand loves before 

Yet I’ve chosen you.

To love you and to cherish. 

As I look upon the endless clouds 

I think of our conversations 

Our skin, cool as we touch each other 

And our love warming up the dawn 

I think of a song 

Best to describe us 

But words fail our love 

Our affair 

A dream among an endless puff 

Fleeting and lovely 

And not made to last … 

Slaves to the ….

Slaves to the ….
I’ve considered burning the pages of the journal in my life that was inked by you…
Then again life would be tasteless without you. 
You’ve marinated my soul with Colours and it’ll never be the same, just that sprinkle of you made it less insane. 

I’ve considered, perhaps i was intoxicated when somehow we had perhaps met. 

In another cerebral Plain we could be lovers and soulmates I’ll let ink the path to our love once again.