Tears, Why are you cold?

Why do you come freely,
Without reprieve or reason?
Tears why does misery follow you like a shadow?
Why does music seem to make you leave a trail of words that bring such sweet sorrow. 
Tears, like a silent lover
Stroking the side of my face,
Your tenderness such a double edged sword. 
Tears that cut and whisper of love.
You taste so salty
You make me feel full and yet
You make me feel empty and hollow.
Tears that accompany me though I need not her company. 
Drown in her whispers that follow
Down the narrow path to the basement of regrets and no tomorrow. 
Leave me there tears
I want not your love or promises 
I can’t want or bear
Yet again there you are clinging on 
Flicking fingers can’t make you leave 
Maybe tomorrow they would. 

Image via https://yzhengblog.wordpress.com/2014/12/31/tears/


Bite my apple

Took a bite from that red juicy Apple
Let the poison wash over me
I watched my body go cold.
I like it
Like how you make me feel like this at times
Let the insides burn into ashes and coal.
Come shove the apple down further
Draw me in with your assuring words
They don’t mean anything
They are poison for my veins
And still I let it flow through me
Let the snow then to coal
Frost to dust


Chained No More

Through the years I’ve came to realized why I had summited myself to pain.
I had embraced the whips and chains
Allowed them to tear at my flesh
bit by bit.
I came to love the torture
like I deserved it.
He made me feel like I deserved it.
I took surrender for love.
Exchanged warm hugs and kisses for rough hands and dominance.
One like me that was so innocent and free.
Locked up in the chains that bounded.
Under his power.
Freedom came at great causes
For her, for him even me.
I survived it only by mercy and grace
And prayer and love.
No longer prisoned by chains
Hung on by pain.
I had walked out.
Walked on.
Lived on.


Image via https://candidkerry.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/broken-chains/

Hello you.


Cause you taste so decadent,
Like chocolate dripping from my lips.
Cause in your eyes I lose myself,
I’m set free.
I need to be focus
But you are a distraction that I’ll gladly discover over
And We’re free to be
whatever we wanna be.

Cause your hair is soft like a midsummer’s breeze.
It smells of Daisies and all things delicate and sweet.

Cause your sigh and your kisses they sweep me off my feet.
You’re the kind of lover I want to keep.
And you’re gentle when it’s time
And strong when need be.
You press all the right buttons
And know I’m a complexed one to reign in.
You see that I need my space and know when I want you near
It just makes me love you more
Cause I get lost in your sweetness
Over and over.
Lover come over here.

Image via http://digitalintelligencetoday.com/kiss-a-customer-the-science-of-kissing-and-digital-marketing/

Just something

We are strange,
you and I
two opposites
Yet merged into one.

You’re not quite the ideal kind
Yet you are mine
I’m not the ideal type
And still we’re fine.

We laugh
We dance under the pale moonlight
Such a cliche
In a niche made for two.

We are perfect in an imperfect way
No need to whisk me away
Just stay


Image via http://www.polyvore.com/romance_emo_scene_kissing_couple/thing?id=3180211

Stupid love

Not a love song
Nothing at all
Not some silly romance
Not more than I thought
Why Am I going crazy here
When it means nothing at all.
Why bother?
Why fall?
Bruised knees and all.
Ain’t no silly freaking love story
Ain’t nothing at all
No point in getting all messed up
No point at all.