Pen on fire

My pen is on fire
She refuses to stop.
Not for anyone.
Not for anything.
My pen, she bleeds for all to see
And her curves and abandonment
Is just so crazy.
My pen she just won’t go to sleep.
Scratching, scribbling,
Annoying me.





The Entertainer

We break our bones to entertain you.
We smile through tears.
Cake our faces.
Pile on the mascara.
The wigs.
That heels.
The lines on our faces erased.
The lines from out lips sputtered like rain on the stage,
Where guts and glory are spilled.
Lap it up!
All the great defeats!
The applause!
The critics that kill with the pen!
Groupies that melt on pan.
Oh we break it.
Break the leg.
Break hearts.
For the applause.
For our redemption.
Just for show.
To entertain you.

And so It ends….

The illusive you.
You the one that had taken my cold heart
In the night.
In the darkness only emptiness remains as I wonder.
I ponder upon our love.
A mirage.
A figment of my imagination.
Love that blossomed and withered just too soon.
As soon as I had opened my soul to you.
You took flight and stole it.
Heartless fool.
I am the fool.


I can’t help it in the darkest of the night.
I can’t help but to feel your voice.
It’s like rich velvet that covers over me.
Smooth over me.
Caress me.
I imagine your lips as they caress mine.
How I would look into your eyes…
I want to feel it all.
The passion that you want to unleash.
The fire behind that calm.
The hands that will wander.
And that tongue.
I know you can’t help but be addicted.
And we’ll let sweetness over flow.
You can’t help but be a part of it.
And I can’t help but want you.
Each and every time you call…


10,000 days and I’m waiting,
Till you came to take my breathe away.
Softly the meadows whisper and I’m lost and cast away.

10,000 ways I’ve longed to hold you.
With a call you bring me back to that day.
The rain that falls
Or summer glows.
Autumn reds
Ask winters passed,
still I long for your face.

10,000 times I’ve wanted to say
All the things that I could have,
would have if you were in lying here in my meadows.
Hands clasp , looking into the heavens.
Falling into the feeling of another dream.

10,000 reasons I should run away,
But it calls me that memory.
Letting me cling on to that scent of yours that lingers.
Your face of beauty
And heart of gold.
Come to me for all the reasons and I’ll whisper them to you all at once.
Let’s have an avalanche of emotions.
And 10,000 more to keep.