When we meet 

I wanna hold you 

And look you straight into your eyes and kiss you. 
When we meet 

I want to caress your skin

And breathe in all of you and your glory. 
When we meet

Tell me about your days and times when we were parted and that I could hear you speak with wonder and amusement. 
When we meet

I’ll embrace you and wear you like a coat everywhere till you’ll get sick of me. 
When we meet 

Stars align and I would be whole again for a moment 

When we meet. 

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The Journey?

“The Journey?”
Where have our conversations left us?

In puddles of sweat nothing less 

Nothing more?

Where have our battles brought us?

Scars that stretch for miles 

And not one a step closer.

And love that haunts us?

Is but a shrouding fog that mystifies and and never fails to amaze. 

For whatever befalls us 

Our journey and loves intertwined; henceforth till the end of time. 

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It was a clear, breezy night 

quite like a night like this, 

that he took her by the hand 

and they went in search of mischief. 
With the twinkle of the eye

And sweet words off his lips 

He parted her innocent ways 

And brought something out of her that she had never seen. 
Howling under the moon,

Shedding their skins. 

They dived into clear waters,

Into the river deep. 
It was a clear, crisp night 

As he turned his back to her to leave. 

That blade clenched in her fist that sliced,

Sure was clean and swift. 

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Burning bridges 

Building towers 

Letting the flames lick my feet

And not thinking for a moment that I’ll suffer. 
Not thinking of you,

Yet thinking of you. 

Surrendering to something greater,

Not wanting yet wanting it. 
Letting go of my darkness 

Embracing something greater and to be magnanimous. 

I’m so selfish and greedy 

I wonder if I even know how to love?
Leaping through loops

And coming to strange conclusions

I’m more confused then I had started 

As this seems like a never ending coop. 

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