March on

No I’m not good
You can’t ask me cause I do not know why
Why these tears I cry
I do not know why
Just the random thoughts in my head
Creeping up my silent mind

No I don’t need you
Nor your fake smiles
Or sympathy.
It’s just that I need to conquer enough brave
To fight the demons without fear.

Take a swing of that.
A slice of this.
Ready as rain I’ll be.
Solider on.
March on.
I can.


Found in the desert


Barefooted and alone
I walk in the desert.
Tears streaming down my face.
Stirring in the earth.
The night is cold and the winds blow strong.
Still the star shines on.
Guiding me home.
Bringing me closer to you.

When I’m alone
And no one cares.
When the weight of the world
Barrows into my soul.
Sores amount my barren lips
Still you light the path.
Bringing me home,
stirring my heart
Drawing me to your arms.

Prostrating on the ground.
No one is around.
I let my broken.
Be set free from my bonds.
Bringing me to feet.
Bringing me to quench dry heart.
And refresh my soul.

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Draw you in

Draw you close,
Closer to me than we should.
Breathe you in.
Squeeze you till we both can’t breathe.
I’m on high.
Ain’t taking anything but you.
Draw me in.
Let my fire burn
And yours too.
Fight the crowd
Let’s dance in the rain.
Draw me now.
Let’s just run and be craze.
I’ll fight the night,
Get drunk on your light.
I’ll draw you in
And make you mine.


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Meet Me


See you at your caravan
Beneath the swaying palm trees
Kiss you underneath the stars
And feel the evening breeze.
The blanket of stars twinkle.
The sky rolling on
The ease of dawn passes.
My eyes locked,
Lips locked in yours.

See you where my heart met yours,
Beneath the colors that melted to gold.
The evening fades
the moon that shines
And every was put on hold.

River love

We are floating in the river.
Drifting down the shores.
Taken by the current.
Free falling onwards.
Take my hand cutie~
Let the waters run down us.
Across us.
Taste my lips,
Devour my restlessness.
Calm me with those palms
And flickers.
Let us flow down the river
Let it take us where it wants.


My babies’ lullaby


It’s the most amazing thing
Drinking in the essence
Of those you have given birth to as they sleep.

My babies lie like angels
On the wings of a

Before the hands of sleep caresses me
I’m lulled into their breathing and snores as the sleep.

My babies are perfect and yet they are not.
They terrify me
They grow too fast

Grasp with the notion that this all shall pass
I drift
Drift into oblivious

Sleep for my weary soul
Eyelids remember my sweet babies kiss.

Written on board mariner of the seas while on a cruise 6-11th December