Hateful night

I had gave up on time
Lying in that little cot
I hear the cries
Nurses dashing around
Lights flickering
On. Off. On.

I tried focusing
On the fan that twirls
Round and around
Tension building as I try to fall to slumber yet again.

It’s hard not to overhear snippets of conversation
And harder to pretend that you don’t mind not catching any sleep when all you want to do is dream.

It comes though
40-50 winks

And as an amber rose
Creeps into your hallway
You rise with the sun
Yet another day
Another time.



To see you smile again
Little patter of sunshine
Come chase all my clouds away
Things will get better you say
Holding on to forever
I love to see your face each day.

When I’m feeling blue..all I have to do.

If it was just me
Would you love me
Without the posh veneer
With my natural curls
Just goofy silly me
Covered in freckles
Covered in laughter
Cover me with thee

Love me
with just my imperfect blemishes
My loop-sides glasses slipping
My tea drinking madness
And endless skin regime

You love me
As we are
happy either or
With sunshine and poises
Endless conversations
Mistakes and memories
Hands held

Endless possibilities


For the one that’s almost lost

Silent tear swept over me
I’m alone and lost in a whirl of sea.
No light to calm the darkness just the darken sky and me.

I made this decision
That forever will intertwine within me

Oh that I could ask for more memories
The lovely young that once was with thee

For a dear friend of mine. May your tears dry~

Illustration by irorus my dear friend.


“Tonight the moon weeps
Silent as each tear drops
A part of her was gone you see.
Though someday she will be full again
But tonight the moon weeps.
As she does not feel complete.
Missing what cannot be helped.
Tonight this silent moon weeps.
If you can hear her breaking heart
Or touch her broken soul
Tell her someday she will be full,
We know, she always do.”

She wrote this ~


I take you in the palm of my hands.
You shine like a diamond in the night.
Pure and radiant.
Trusting like the daybreak.
The sun coming to life.
I whisper my name and set you free
Stardust. Star bright in the night.
Think of me as your heart beats again.
Send muses to me as I fall from heavens to land on my feet.


Images via astropic.com