Firm hands
Firm hands that hold me down
Pull my hair and make me
will to yours.

Soft skin
As I burn and you blaze
No race or end insight
Just the thrill of the seen.

You like my voice
As I peak you peak
Like moths dangerously close to being crisp
We come together
And burn.

Liquid voice
As your touch mine and I yours
We sing a tune so intimate
No one could ignore…

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The Golden Ball


The Golden Ball.

Do you see me shine one last time as I tumble out of your fingers and into the pond so cold.

I see the light grow dimmer and the sky around me fades.

Your warmth hands that grasp around me caressing my smooth finish. Your loving voice and sweet face in frozen horror as I slipped and sunk they are anchored forever in my mind.

This quiet pond surrounds me.

Murky things weave and swim pass me.

Should I loss my shine and loveliness would her majesty still want me?

Woe! Endless waiting befalls me.

Her glorious face slowly eludes me.

As I fade. As I fade.


Hey you. 

“Hey you ”

To me you are not just a memory. 

The names that we wrote on the sand, 

Washed by the waters,

Drifted into a distance. 

Not seen by the eye 

But anointed in spirit, 

Drifted to another world where our hands,

Hand in hand unite 

And we are one 

Once again.

As we were 

Entangled forever. 

Our souls entombed as one for eternity. 

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We ended it. 

Then just like that we started it again. 

Like moths dancing in flames

We came together again just as easily. 
The sound of your voice. 

That smooth way you groove. 

It just stirs something inside me

And I’m off my wandering again. 
Like a record that’s being played,

I know I’m spinning in your hands. 

Not that I mind it

But it’s a losing hand that I’ll play. 
But we couldn’t fight it. 

I shouldn’t romanticize it. 

Cause it’s a game till the very end 

And I should just be in it to ride it. 

Then toss the wave of emotions away. 

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Come on heal

“Come on heal”
I’ve lots,

Lots to give and 

Lots to take. 
I panic ,

Sometimes in buckets.

Others in tidal waves. 
I struggle 

with an endless

list of what have 

And past misfortunes.
But I yield.

I try to let the ribbon fly,

to soar to greater heights. 
I have wounds.

They bore into me tunnels of years,

Aches and pains. 
I fight

An invisible enemy in the mirror. 

Knowing she knows she deserves better than to let herself be defeated. 
I’m the mess I made

But I needed to yield it all. 
Cause the game changes when you do and healing shall come. 

Sewing up the raw. 

Healing the wounded. 

I go again. 

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A kiss 


“A kiss”
I could feel the weight of your touch. As the clouds parts

The lips met 

And eyes opened

A flutter a minute 

A taste

Faded away…..

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