Fire , fire burning bright. 

I love it when your tongue traces the valleys and peaks,

That your teeth leave gentle but firm marks on my skin.
Love the way you say 
how you want me to
And how I should 
And how our bodies in rhythmic unison,
Rise and fall. 
Fall and rise. 
Arrest me. 
No rest for the restless souls that ignite. 
You and I like fire burning bright. 
Consuming and illuminating,
Growing and glowing….


Goodbye Sir

We can say goodbye easily. 

Sometimes we say it with tears. 
We can whisper it gently
Or shout it out for someone so dear. 
Do not know exactly how he was…
Some were curious,
Others feared. 
For me a strong minded visionary. 
To a simple person like me 
A man whom I endeared. 
Though God is my supreme maker,
Sometimes we forget tend to forget. 
One must be grateful and thankful,
For founding father
And a loving husband who cared. 
So as I say my goodbyes 
And my thoughts drift to those who have passed….
I thank the Lord for a man who loved my country
And that because he had lived;
My past was stable,
My present is remarkable
And my children’s future certain to flourish. 
Thank you Mr Lee Kwan Yew. 
My thoughts are with you and your family. 

So I’ll wait ~

I’ll wait 

Till our skins meet
Our lips touch
And you peel me bit by bit by bit
I wanted to be vulnerable with you
Let you see me 
And all my flaws
You love my flaws don’t deny it. 
I’ll wait till you move your hands across my beating heart
If flames 
It burns with desire for you
Only you. 
I’ll wait till you take me
Fill me with all your love that 
I run over and over and over
I’ll wait ~

Banyan Tree, Bintan Part 1

18th March 2015

A day before our anniversary. 

We celebrated our 10 years together. That’s our beautiful villa ~ it was paradise~



While Angels sleep

The world 
The twirling stops for just 
A bit. 
It’s all quiet now like
Fresh snow fallen on my feet. 
Just birds chirping. 
The soft circling of the ceiling fan
That accompanies me. 
My sock
My books 
My pen and paper 
These things that make me happy surround me. 
Just a pause in small moments
Just time standing still
Amidst the hurling speed of 
A society that never sleeps.