Are we grown up?



 I’ll ask this once since you never take me seriously,

Does my love leave you breathless ?

Does it blaze in the depths of your dark eyes?

Do you yearn for the stirrings that keep you awake at night?

I’m just a candle a blow away. 

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Rain and drops 

Drops and wind 








You could hear it coming stealthy in the night.

Slow then fast and furious.

Wetting the floor making it glimmer under the flickering lights. 

The rustling of the trees quickening with every second as insomnia grips and creeps…



In the still of the lake in a boat I sat.
You waddled in and caused ripples.
Dazzled by you appearance
I waddled in too
Only to be embraced
And kissed by the mirage of you.

By the light of the moon
Your blond hair dazzles
And the warms of your embrace
Melted me like butter… 

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