Something borrowed

“Something borrowed”
Yo sweetness 

you cling on to me like my Chanel. 

Your voice caressing the soul of my skin as we kiss. 

At 2 we are one. 

By 4 or far

I’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve been attached to this random feeling. 

Stuff stroked like how I do

And as you play your strings let me string them up and sing with you. 

Hippies in the summer

Dreamer in spring 

I’ve come fond of knowing this side of you. 

I’ve come to be fond of feeling this attachment to you. 

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Come on

“Come on”
I want to put on my skin

And feel comfortable in it. 

I want to sink into your arms and lie in it for days. 

I miss that l…

That smooth contours.

That goofy grin.

I want to sink into my settee and daydream about you

But I need to dusk you off and pound the pavement.

Pour out my soul into movement.

And let it rain to a new beat without you.

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Ode to the salted caramel chocolate cupcake

“Ode to the salted caramel chocolate cupcake”
That time of the month

Where the thirst is at its strongest. 

The moon grows full with longing 

And you’re at your weakest 

Your mind is clouded by thoughts of devouring that salty-sweet-sticky goodness

Bit by bit by bit

Till ever lick is gone only than can you be satisfied  

It’s a hunger than one cannot know of till you’ve been through it yourself 

And you suffer it diligently each month 

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L is …

“L is .. ”
Being loved is not an easy thing. 

It means pockets of sunshine 

Grasping each other hands through the Rays. 
Being in love is bitter sweet surrender , surrendering to the fact that you can be at ease with whatever may come. 
Being silly , being easy and simple as we should. 
Being there is just whispering in your ear, “how much I miss you. ”
Loving is easy and forgetting is hard when fresh love resolves to something mature you know it can last. 
We long we often want that something new forgetting and remembering being loved is like ambers fanned out and flamed it can run its course anew. 
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Knowing you 

“Knowing you ”
You claimed to know me and we had the meeting of minds. 

Like the palms of our hands that once met last fall. 
And with the turning tide and the coming of summer you turned to dust and existed no more. 
You whispered you love me and I was mystifying and intriguing. 

But like all imaginary emotions your gazed was momentary and brief. 
It was more than you would admit, our tenacity, 

our love. 
Perhaps it changed you. 

It changed me. 
Growth is adamant and unavoidable in life don’t you think?
I don’t claim to know you. But I loved you without reproach. 
And perhaps one day you’ll see it and embrace the fact that love was love regardless the season. 

Regardless the reason. 

It was just meant to be. 

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“Resounding ”
I shiver on the floor. 

Knowing my defenses are all worn out. 

The rise of a cymbal. 

The silence defeated by the battle roar. 

A single gong resounding.  

Igniting the fire in me again. 
Visions of angels. 

A spiritual awakening. 

We fight our battles. 

We don’t always win. 
But we try. 

Try because living is for a reason 

and an extension to the rims of glory. 

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