A piece of me

A place where my poetry can lay.

I am but an amateur poet so please bear with me and my horrendous grammatical mistakes and what’s not.

I love to read, jog, swim, cook, write, draw, laugh, dream.

Kuroneko509 – ig & twitter


6 thoughts on “A piece of me

  1. Never feel the need to apologize for your work.
    It lies upon the shoulders of others to pick up the slivers of your heart and cherish them. It is their choice, not yours.
    Keep up the great work here, so far I love it!

  2. … there is always a starting point and you can never expect to be perfect the first time or at the beginning. You learn from (typo) errors and mispressed ‘opps’ button along the way. That’s how I learn with this WordPress ‘ed’. =). Keep it up and make more blunders…. then you know you are on the right track to be a better blogger.

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