My Sister’s Commision

Dear T,
I cannot find all the words in my heart to express how i feel when the bishop talked about the hardships and spiritual battles you have and might go through.
“No” I said , they will be blessed. They are protected. But i know better.
You have battles. As the Lady at home. As the wife and mother of a Missionary your battles and rages with home and your own ministry will be tough. You will need support and prayers. Late night calls and texts of love from us, your warriors.
As tears streamed. I had flash back memories of you as a little girl, of 7. That cheeky nature, that sturborness and fierce love you had for the things you believe in.
I believe- God knows.God chooses God will protect, those whom he has choosen to fight His battles , to reach souls who will learn of His Good word through your gentleness, your kindness and sincerity.
I will miss you.
Miss Vt, F and Gr. My heart tugs when I know I can no longer follow you as you had once asked to follow me to a party.
Without your love and faith i would not have God.
Without God my eternal soul will have perished into darkness forever.
Bring someone into the light, Ting and shine in your way. You are so special to me now and always.
Go Commission and bring the Message of love to all. I will always be in my corner loving and praying for you.
Always here, always loving you,
21st oct 2018



I rampage through the drawers of my mind wondering which part of me is truly me?
Hannah says she is and shall always be her and what about me?

How true am I and would I ever be the true me?
So many questions that lead to more drawers and compartmenting of things.

Yeah l love Slience.
It is such a luxury though to many I don’t seem to be one who would acknowledge how much it means to me.

Of course I’m broken it took a miracle to fix.
Thus the transfixtion on the crucified.
I nail it to that.
I place my sins, my heartbrokeness
And place them in your nailed pierced palms that set me free.

Upon you

“Mama ..look at me and I sleep..” I could never refuse you my sweetie pie. I shall look upon you even when you don’t want me to. Even when I’m old and grey. And when no one else is there to look upon you. Trust that our Heavenly Father is. Always keeping His eyes upon us~



Through the darkest hour
When I’ve doubt myself the most,
You were there to rise me from ashes
Your grace amazes me so.
From fountains to rivers,
Sunset to sunrises.
Each baby that I’ve brought to life
And the love I’ve found forever.
From something twisted you have brought me to life.
I was mangled and tangled.
You called me your own.
I am grateful for your love and kindness when none was given so.
When my eyes were blind you give them sight.
Taken me out of darkness
Into the light.
So much to be thankful for
So grateful that I’ve found peace and am whole.


Image via @chaseroflight via Instagram, my amazing hubs.

Teach me Lord

Words. words. words.
I got too close to the sun
And it burnt my skin.
I ask God for a reason for this and he refrain.
I wait in the refrain.
My skin perched,
Lips thirst,
Longing for the rain.

Rain. rain. rain.
Pouring your soul down on me.
I’m soaked through and through.
Don’t feel the cold just the wanting you.
My skin wet.
Cold to the core.
Like the way I wanna run away from you,
When I feel you drawing too close too soon.

Embrace. embrace. embrace.
You told me for this season will soon pass.
Just like the rain,
The flowers need
To flourish and sustain.
My skin drank on your love,
AmAzed i am created,
By you
For you.
In your image to grow and learn,
Perfectly wonderfully made.

Begin again

I’ve lived meaningless lines and lines.
None had brought me comfort,
But by the weight of your hands.

And time had passed.
Each flicker another,
And yet your love still remains.

It wasn’t you who left me in the shadows.
In the wings I had hid instead.
You had created me out of darkness,
For the greater stuff I was to bear.

I ran away from your glory,
yet still within me,
Inside me, you remained,
Still remain.

I could run in circles
And circle back to the beginning,
Where you’ll find me,
Where I’ve always been waiting.

Knowing of your love.
Known that I’ve been loved.
I’m covered in your blood.
Bathed, drenched in your tears.

Magnify in me,
Let your light shine.
Rectify the darkness,
That I might shine from within.