Day 100!!!!

Starting day 100 with a very delectable Thai lunch with wonderful friends. We went to golden mile and had truly authentic Thai food. 20140430-210806.jpg20140430-210823.jpg
Mango salad! One of my favorites. I love the savory sweetness and sour taste. 20140430-210928.jpg
We had seafood Phai Thai , glass noodles with delicious sauce. 20140430-211037.jpg
This dish, roasted pork with spinach was really wonderful. The chilli padi ( small chilli) makes you sweat! But oh was it so good!)

Something sweet to end the meal.
Mango with glutinous rice ( it was green and had pandan flavor and was heavenly~ )


I guess I have found joy and happiness in the simple things in life. I’m grateful for all I have. And thankful that I have lots to be happy about.

May you find your happy:)



Kiss me now before I sleep
Let me slip into oblivion
Into it I creep

So really weary
A frizzled bee

Worn by moments
Tossed and toasted

Touch me now before you sleep
Let me wind, whine beside you
Fall into you

Mend that moment
Bend it. Fold.

Kiss me to sleep