Yoga met

My fingers stretching over yours

Your low moans and my groans grow louder

Let’s stretch this. 

Let’s burn this mat. 

Let’s soak this shit with desire 

And let the rush,

the blush began,

Whatcha say sugar~

Still get to me don’t you ….

You were a piece of my soul

Meant to be set free. 
Like butterflies in summer. 

Like the wind that grazes my cheeks, kiss me once and flew by. 
You are the kissable, untangle-able line from the base of my chin to the soles of my feet bringing me balance. 
You taught me a kind of freedom that I had never known. 

And like the change of seasons must come so be. 
So kiss my cheeks once more and 

glaze upon me like the light as it fades
And I’ll piece my soul together with threads again like an old melody
And sing to you in true tune one fine day when you pass my way again. 

When we met 

I saw your face from a distance.

I will always remember the way your back feels as I trail it with my fingers. 

You didn’t seem shock or repulsed by our meeting. 

I didn’t want to come across eager 

so I sat across from you,

Then a seat from you. 

I held it in… 

My longing to touch you. 

Embrace you and to kiss you

And time just slipped on this short journey. 

Such irony our paths

Once again 2 strangers on the same line to different destinations. 

Bounded and fated to have meet and met. 

Our destinies forever intertwined. 

I left my warm seat 

With my heart in my throat 

I stole a last glance at you

And waved

And as the train left and I stood waiting..

Emotions overcame once again …

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A rock and a soft place 

Hey you 

with your silly grin 

And loop of a smile. 
You with your silence,

Cold heart. 

Warm hands. 
Hey you when we had touched 

and a million butterflies fluttered 

to overcome me. 
You and your moment 

And my moment with you. 
Yeah you 

It was so easy with you breaking Berlin getting absorbed in our woes.
Just that I had forgotten you were on loan and I had to pay a fine that was long, long overdue. 
Fondling fondness that can’t seem fade that faith and reason seems to allude me. 

When you’re here. 
I’m lost in you 

My images and thoughts of us 

Can’t seem to conclude well.
Hey yeah, 

you and me dude. 

This is hard…

Like between a rocks and a spade and shovel here. 

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I heart Geeks

I have a thing for geeks

And how they love to read

And muse and ponder 

How they eyes sometimes seem to wander

And their memory a huge wonder 
I have a thing for the beautiful that speaks without words

That could store all those vocabulary and verbs
There is something about a man that reads and one that is gentlemanly and sweet 

Yet so smart and sharp in his feet that is something I’ll like to keep. 

Falling in reverse again 

I fall in reverse from the ashes of my mind into the puddle of senses 

And though I’m not sure why I look at my fingers laced with blood and warmth and eyed my motionless body on the floor. 
I fall in reverse knowing the mind cannot erase a moment or two… 

That this wretched soul belongs to you and that forlorn feeling runs deep and true 

And though you no longer care or even give a freaking damn

There must be a part of your aching soul that whispers for me
So my body leaves my soul

Leaves my mind into the empty grave 

I fall from grace I seek empty emotions that won’t stick 

as my mind turns to you 

and I fall into the ground

Kiss it as it rises to meet my muffled sound 

And your face the last of it to sting my lips and anchor my soul

Forever lost in reverse. 

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