HaZed there, been that

“Hazed there, been that.” 
Slient night once again. 

Dong goes the fog,


A frog of a lump in my throat. 

Swiftly she kisses me and silence my thoughts. 

Teary eyes I can’t think nor see no more. 

Torn from existing for this moment. 

No time to smell the roses, 

As she rises to claim her throne.  

Hail come the queen with her airy mystified bellow of smoke and bore. 
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Apple A

Give me a bite 

A taste of that ecstasy

It’s so easy to want that 

That juicy sweet taste 

And that crisp crunch 

begging to be a thing 

Let that juicy sweetness melt 

quench my thirst 

I’m thirsty 

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And all that 

“And all that”
Sad eyes that want to swallow in your loveliness.


Soft lips that misses yours that tasted like velvet. 
Fingers that lingered and scratched and held on tight. 
Hair that went long or short and smelt like spring. 
Skin like butter and smooth like silk. 
My whispers..your baritone. 
Echoes that bounced off our bodies and soul. 
The heart that is tender and so easily broken and stolen. 
Soul that sings a lullaby to the wearily and lost but cannot find peace once again found peace in you. 

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You’re sweet 

As sweet as one can be

And I don’t deserve it 

I never once did. 
You’re a dream

A vision cast from smoke and mirrors 

Drawn out perfectly for me 

And I’ll be a fool for not taking it. 
You’re in blue 

My favorite color 

it reminds of my clear skies 

And a fresh dip in an endless pool,

 all I want is to get lost in. 
You’re like a diamond 

Simple till you shine

Non complicated and delicate

Yet hard and refine

I want your worth

I want to earn it. 

Own it. 
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Let’s again 

Thank you for making me 

Feel like I can begin again. 
For teaching me that I can

Feel sweetness and kindness 

In the simplest of gestures. 
Not putting a name makes 

It all the more special doesn’t it?
So thank you. 

For helping me

Become me once again

My sweet. 
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It too shall pass 

It was a sweet day. 

That day she told him

She loved him. 

There lying down. 

The mid-sun drizzling down

His neck and hers. 
A single whisper that

Defined and solidified 

Their feelings. 
It was such a sweet day

That had passed 

And time came to be a part 

Of her and his past.  

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I can’t live without that lighter shade of grey that you bring. Who am I but the pale shadow upon the wall reflecting your glory that once shone on me. 

Kiss my freckles and say I’m pretty once again my sweet. 

I long for your tenderness and your honesty that will peel my faucets away. 

Till that day…