Autumn  Leaves 

Autumn on a spring morning 

white against the red 

as my lover’s kisses rain on me

as maples syrup drenched. 

Red and perfect like cherries ripening 

Delicate curls that fall on me like falling crimson leaves. “Dive with me ”

she implores “to a world we have never seen ”
and I sink 

so deep

into a world of possibilities

Rain and drops 

Drops and wind 








You could hear it coming stealthy in the night.

Slow then fast and furious.

Wetting the floor making it glimmer under the flickering lights. 

The rustling of the trees quickening with every second as insomnia grips and creeps…

Write because 

Write because
I write in the night because my words speak clearer and smoother than they do in the light.

I write late while the world sleeps and the spark in my mind fires at top speed.

I write after dark because the voice that speaks to me whispers in harsh tones demanding to have weight.

I write because I need a platform to be heard when the last light of the day has dim and the star needs to be seen.

I write when I’m lonely,  when I feel lost and depressed. They come like tumbling weed to my bellows bearing comfort or amusement.

I write when my muses makes me smile.
I grin like a silly fool and think of all sorts of fun things that we do.

I write for this moment in this space to leave behind a little something more than pictures. Perhaps this is a window to the mind of a wanderer never quite finding her footing on solid ground.

I write freely and can be anything and everything or nothing. And that’s fine, It’s my comfort zone.

I wrote to one day read this again and be happy that I’ve captured this moment and you have read what silly notions I’ve wrote. 

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In the still of the lake in a boat I sat.
You waddled in and caused ripples.
Dazzled by you appearance
I waddled in too
Only to be embraced
And kissed by the mirage of you.

By the light of the moon
Your blond hair dazzles
And the warms of your embrace
Melted me like butter… 

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