When its late and i am the last one awake
I creep into their rooms and snuggle in their beds for a kiss.
Ransoms and luxury from kings
i cannot trade for soft skin and curls.
In the slience they sleep.
Little lambs,
Little angels.
This image i forever shall keep.
God’s knows i am not a saint
neither am i a good mother,
But my charges rest assure that they will dream sweet
and rest in peace in these arms that shield.
The night toils on and its my turn to retreat to bed.
I take with me the sweet fragrance of their childhood and full love.
Unwaving comfort of my youth well spent.


You look not a day old,
your mind sparkles with ideas and thoughts to run the world.
Yet, you cannot run from it.
That bitting loneliness, the regrets.
I tried to bridge the gap
but you widen it with careless words,
random notes of grander love that we do not need.
Your company is all a girl needs and wants.
What you need is peace as time chimes on
and twlight comes upon us.
Could you not find your peace with God?
Rest your mind and your soul?
All gold and beauty fades.
Time awaits for no one.
Make up your mind!
Choose to be meaningful and full of love
and the peace you so desperately seek will come true, when you surrender.
Take heed.
Take solance
before you fade out into the night that’s cold.


We wanna run from it
the maddening crowd
the fire
the smoke
it burns, it makes you drown in it.
The noises
the buzz.
But you can’t hide darling
from the bells
the whistles
the chiming and chatter.
Retreat to the woods,
Feel the earth beneath you.
Thank heavens for the air in your lungs,
the moon and her face that shines upon you
and the sound if water as you dive into stillness.
Bliss to drown it out.

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Le Cinema

Being with you
makes the days without you worth more.
No one can truly understand the power you have over this.
Being with you
gives me wings in more was than one,
you make me sing.
It is as sweet as i want
and pretend it to be.

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