I’m yours and you are mine.

I’ll whisper this one time
I’m forever yours.
Lost and frozen in time
I want our love to forever lay.
I’ll count the moments and days.
I’ll count and taste each kiss and touch you take.
You take my breathe and make me soar.
My feet floats and I’m barely breathing.
Your embrace like a warm coat;
Enticing in every moment.
Come let me hold you closer.
I want you to feel my every intent.
You are mine and I’m yours till ever.
Just look in my eyes,
Say it’s the same.
Forever whisper.
Frozen in love,
My love.




Just wanna get lost
Don’t be my savior.
Just wanna run away
Don’t take me down to your moral ground.
Just leave me alone.
I like stumbling
Scraping my knees
I’ve always been a soldier
Not playing around.
Just wanna be myself
Cause with u I can fight this feeling
You push me around and I like it
Tasting the blood upon my lips.
Don’t be a crusader
I ain’t no liner
Just wanna be myself
Just wanna run.



Through the darkest hour
When I’ve doubt myself the most,
You were there to rise me from ashes
Your grace amazes me so.
From fountains to rivers,
Sunset to sunrises.
Each baby that I’ve brought to life
And the love I’ve found forever.
From something twisted you have brought me to life.
I was mangled and tangled.
You called me your own.
I am grateful for your love and kindness when none was given so.
When my eyes were blind you give them sight.
Taken me out of darkness
Into the light.
So much to be thankful for
So grateful that I’ve found peace and am whole.


Image via @chaseroflight via Instagram, my amazing hubs.



Tears streamed down my face
And you whispered why?
It’s not sadness my love
It’s just I’ll miss you.
I miss you when the gentle breeze touches my skin.
I miss you in a familiar tune
That we might sing.

Tears embrace my cheeks and you wipe them away.
Leave them be
Cause our love is flowing like a river,
Laughable even to think.

Tears are not going to last forever
I pick pieces up all the time
Like the fragments of my crowded mine.
You bring solace
You bring joy
My little ray of sunshine

Tears you kissed and call them sweet
You say I’m perfect
I laugh and tease
You, my dear are perfect to me
My tears your embrace
Send them up to heaven
To another place
I’ll meet you there and together we’ll be…

Image via http://quoteeveryday.com/beautiful-eyes-with-tears-with-quotes/

Another sappy love poem

You are beautiful
Your lips like wine
I escape with you all the time.
A sonnet
An angel
Even if all we have is now
It’s worth it.
To be in your embrace
In the rain…
To feel your warm and I’m drowning in love.
Drip and pour your drug on me
Cause I’m addicted
And I can’t deny
Even for a moment.
I’ll tell myself a lie
Close my eyes
Drink in your perfection and love
Even if it’s only for today.


An Enchantment

Lay me down on a field of daisies
And let’s get drunk on each other’s soul.
I could drink in your love and sunshine.
Weave my fingers thru your ebony hair.
Your voice lingers and caresses my skin.
I guide your palm to place upon my heart.
A Soft breeze blows as our spirits aligned.
I’m so so enamored.
So enchanted.
I can hardly breathe.
Then You kiss my lips.
Yours are soft.
Mine, warm.
Let’s drift my baby
Into a haze of nothing
And watch as the clouds pass
And morph into things we love to see.

I like

I like just holding your hands.
Staring out of the window.
I like when you whisper softly
In my ear
And the day passes.
That soft breeze that ruffles your hair.
Your hand soft and warm.
I like just dreaming and letting the day
Drift away from us
Like fallen sand.
I like watching you and when you smile
How you eyes curl a little and
How silly it seems.
I like that,
Just being with you.
Wasting time.
Cherishing time.