We ended it. 

Then just like that we started it again. 

Like moths dancing in flames

We came together again just as easily. 
The sound of your voice. 

That smooth way you groove. 

It just stirs something inside me

And I’m off my wandering again. 
Like a record that’s being played,

I know I’m spinning in your hands. 

Not that I mind it

But it’s a losing hand that I’ll play. 
But we couldn’t fight it. 

I shouldn’t romanticize it. 

Cause it’s a game till the very end 

And I should just be in it to ride it. 

Then toss the wave of emotions away. 

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He heals 

“He wins”

Confetti falls on the victor’s head

He looks at me at that moment.

This victory is ours. 

His crown radiant in the darkness.  

The streets are filled with the demons we have defeated. 
Confetti falls like rose petals,

Gentle and sweet like His love. 

It overpowers me. 

I fall to my knees. 

Finally, I can surrender 

For the victor shoulders it all. 

Death has been trampled. 

Come on heal

“Come on heal”
I’ve lots,

Lots to give and 

Lots to take. 
I panic ,

Sometimes in buckets.

Others in tidal waves. 
I struggle 

with an endless

list of what have 

And past misfortunes.
But I yield.

I try to let the ribbon fly,

to soar to greater heights. 
I have wounds.

They bore into me tunnels of years,

Aches and pains. 
I fight

An invisible enemy in the mirror. 

Knowing she knows she deserves better than to let herself be defeated. 
I’m the mess I made

But I needed to yield it all. 
Cause the game changes when you do and healing shall come. 

Sewing up the raw. 

Healing the wounded. 

I go again. 

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Goodbyes to you?

“Goodbyes to you?”
Goodbyes are hard. 

They make me think of sad eyes and lips that were bitten in an attempt to stop the tears. 
Some make you think of the possibilities of life, 

if that one had reached its full potential. 
So many tears,

So many goodbyes. 
How can we make our goodbye count?
Some goodbyes rip us from our hearts. 

Others slip softly threading into the night. 

One makes me think of bravery in the face of doom. 

Often I’m lost for words 
So much heartache,

Sometimes hope. 
Let our goodbyes count shall we? 

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A kiss 


“A kiss”
I could feel the weight of your touch. As the clouds parts

The lips met 

And eyes opened

A flutter a minute 

A taste

Faded away…..

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