I shouldn’t miss you
Shouldn’t miss us
but I do.
Shouldn’t want to have you
Can’t have you
But I want to.
And it travels…
From my heart
To my tears.
How you have wandered into my soul
And captured it.
So fragile being handled by your fingertips.
I kissed each one and turned them to liquid gold.
My mirage…
So beautiful and distant.
I walk closer and you seem closer
But you’re not.
So I fumble away.
Licking my wounds.
Pretending not to care when I do.
Such pride that I hid
In the deepest of emotions.
For the seek of loving you
Someone that I shouldn’t.

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Bruise me

I’m trying not to think.
Trying hard to not mean a thing.
So I’m impatient.
So I want your love.
Yet you bluntly dismissed it.
Yeah I’m trying to be cool about it.
Forget the heat I feel.
Shove it away.
This is what you wanted
And what I shall give.
I’ll gladly give you so much more.
Or not.
Don’t want to feel it.
Trying not to think.
Maybe to you,
I’m just blatantly just a bruise….

Not Super

I thought I was invincible,
You are my kryptonite.
I thought I could soar without consequences.
I came crashing when you are near.
You are my enigma,
An illusion I wanna possess.
Every time I run closer,
The further I fall into despair.
So gag me with your kindness.
So let me fade into the darkness
With my cape between me.
My insecurities,
Your beauty ,
The stigmata on my skin
That I wanna keep.