Changes with the passing of the day.
Dark to light.
Wrong made right.
I stand here in my corner
Holding it all.
You illumine
You shine
Know that in the dark
Hope rises.


Hey Kid!

You’re just a kid,
But you get me.
I said you are just so chill,
Still you move me.
And our beats mash together,
In a bowl of jelly.
We wobble through it.
Mash right thought it.
Like a tidal wave,
You came and overwhelmed me.
Your flowers in your hair.
They overpowered me.
With your gentleness and grace,
Yes, you killed me.
Thrill me.
And I’m a lost cause in your hands.
And you got me in a trance.
You’re so silly~
And you got me,
In your grand master’s plan.
I can’t write, right it.
Gotta just ride it, take pride in it.
Take it and make it what it seems.
Taken to be set free.
We’re free.
No point faking it.
It’s real. Just go with it.


I wanna trace my fingers down your back
Your caramel skin against my pale
I wanna use my tongue in ways I’ve never done before
Write sonnets on your belly.

I wanna sweat with you and drink in each drop
Feel you as you feel me
Touch me in places no one has ever seen
You bring me to another high
I feel like I’m riding on waves
A swell, a bump all moving through me,
Through you.

I wanna let you feel as good as you make me feel.
Hold you in my mouth, my hand, my thoughts.
Crash into me and we can collide
Staring into each other’s eyes
This is intimate and we can’t deny it
An Insatiable appetite that we had to devour.

Do you wanna go on these trips with me?
Come into my world and I will run in yours.
So wanna make you feel as happy as you make me
Ride into oblivion
Embrace in vulnerability
Gazing into the outer sphere
Or just holding hand, resting in a dream~


What do I think of you?
You are like a cool breeze caressing my sweat on a summer’s day.
Like ice lemon tea when I’m perched.
You smell of fresh linen that came out of the wash.
I grasp gently at your hair with my fingers and it’s smooth.
Your lips are like velvet
and your eyes souls to another universe.

What do I think of you?
You are a jazz tune, smooth and deep.
So laid back.
So wise in many ways.
When we touch, you touch my very core.

What do you think of me?
With that quiet mind of yours?
You say nothing at all as we intertwine.
Dancing in the storm.
Waltzing to the moonlight.
Laughing and dreaming
I always think of you…

Teach me Lord

Words. words. words.
I got too close to the sun
And it burnt my skin.
I ask God for a reason for this and he refrain.
I wait in the refrain.
My skin perched,
Lips thirst,
Longing for the rain.

Rain. rain. rain.
Pouring your soul down on me.
I’m soaked through and through.
Don’t feel the cold just the wanting you.
My skin wet.
Cold to the core.
Like the way I wanna run away from you,
When I feel you drawing too close too soon.

Embrace. embrace. embrace.
You told me for this season will soon pass.
Just like the rain,
The flowers need
To flourish and sustain.
My skin drank on your love,
AmAzed i am created,
By you
For you.
In your image to grow and learn,
Perfectly wonderfully made.

My freckled soul in yours

You call me beautiful
Bared and freckled
You kissed each flaw
Fingered my lips
You trace my spine
Slip your lips upon mine
I love the way we just lay there and talk
Time and space
Travels endlessly
We are trapped in this never ending mirage
Are we in a universe of our own
Is my heart in danger of losing control
We’ll just let this moments hold
Let’s just let go…