No rules

Let me be your muse
Let me help you forget your past
Let’s slide, skip dance into the future
Don’t let your mind replay
Let’s just waste the day away
Go on an adventure
Let me come again your way.


Let’s dance

It shall come!
The rhythmic excitement.
The pound, pound,
pounding of the drums!
The upbeat tempo.
The bomb, bomb,
bombing of the bass!
As I run, I fly, I flee.
Thump goes the beat!
Up and down goes my feet.
It shall come this excitement it shall.

Your Good Mornings

I like the mornings and how the cool breeze rushes in.
I like how it caresses me and makes me think of you.
I like how that it’s quiet and I’m deep in my thoughts.
I’m thinking of your warm hands
Soft cheeks.
The day calls me and I’m lulled into it.
I look longingly at the reminisce of the morning.
Peek myself off my bed and begin.

Linger through

I wanna trace my fingers.
Down the sides of your face to your lips.
Dangle mine just inches from yours and linger.

I wanna write my name with my fingers down your spine.
Let it sink into your skin, your bones, your soul.

I wanna stare into your dark, dark eyes.
Let my magic flow through yours
Get in tune with yours.

I wanna take you down.
Tear through the defenses.
Till you’ll fight no more
And surrender…

Let me bring you there like you’ve never been before.
Be your dream in a landscape painted for two.

In mutual union we rise.
We fall.
And tumble through it all.