Let’s dance

It shall come!
The rhythmic excitement.
The pound, pound,
pounding of the drums!
The upbeat tempo.
The bomb, bomb,
bombing of the bass!
As I run, I fly, I flee.
Thump goes the beat!
Up and down goes my feet.
It shall come this excitement it shall.

Your Good Mornings

I like the mornings and how the cool breeze rushes in.
I like how it caresses me and makes me think of you.
I like how that it’s quiet and I’m deep in my thoughts.
I’m thinking of your warm hands
Soft cheeks.
The day calls me and I’m lulled into it.
I look longingly at the reminisce of the morning.
Peek myself off my bed and begin.

Linger through

I wanna trace my fingers.
Down the sides of your face to your lips.
Dangle mine just inches from yours and linger.

I wanna write my name with my fingers down your spine.
Let it sink into your skin, your bones, your soul.

I wanna stare into your dark, dark eyes.
Let my magic flow through yours
Get in tune with yours.

I wanna take you down.
Tear through the defenses.
Till you’ll fight no more
And surrender…

Let me bring you there like you’ve never been before.
Be your dream in a landscape painted for two.

In mutual union we rise.
We fall.
And tumble through it all.