Hallway to my soul. Leave me in your white lines. Your inked memories that stained the pages of my mind. Marry me with illusions of love. Sweet and pure. Let it stain and strain as i fall into an abssy of fleur.




.picture by my talented hubs @chaseroflight Yup its hanging in our hallway


Canned or be canned.

Canned or be canned..







Sometimes I stay silent not knowing what to say as I feel like I have nothing to give.
Other days I say too much and i struggle to swallow words not meant to exist.
I wonder about purpose. 

I wonder about my purpose ?

I’m sure I know He knows it. 
Sometimes the wall starts to close in a little.
I crawl away a little from the light, take comfort in the dark that is familiar. 
I try to play a little,



Draw something 

But that feeling.

Just gnaws till you address it.

Little a hamster on a wheel 

A fly in a wall

We try to live or observe.
So I live a little,

Observe to try a little 

And hope I give more juiced to existence before I expire. 

Image from http://www.1wallpaperhd.com/2014/07/girls-night-breeze-wallpapers-hd.html




That’s you sweetie 

making think of sweet 

sweet nothings. 

When you smile I freeze 

Wanting time to stop

so I could lick those lips. 

If you let go sugar 

I’ll go into hyper drive

Cause your love 

Is adrenaline

Running down my spine.  

Picture via http://eclecticoddsnsods.co.uk/2014/02/05/flaming-skirts-fiestas-little-bit-of-oooh-la-la/

Red’s wolf

“Red’s Wolf ”
Puffed your way into my heart 

Dressed up in grandma’s 

Words that were faked 

Eyes larger then mine. 
Could I tame that?

Would I be devoured 

And savored ?

Am I tasty or 

Could I be your demise?
Bad wolf!

With my blade I could sliced your throat wide. 

Puppy dog eyes could you turn that around and surrender to me?
Turn out my grandma now

And follow me out into the woods 

The night is almost behind us

It’s time for you to come undone. 

The Journey?

“The Journey?”
Where have our conversations left us?

In puddles of sweat nothing less 

Nothing more?

Where have our battles brought us?

Scars that stretch for miles 

And not one a step closer.

And love that haunts us?

Is but a shrouding fog that mystifies and and never fails to amaze. 

For whatever befalls us 

Our journey and loves intertwined; henceforth till the end of time. 

Image via http://www.childrenswhatwhy.com/what-is-fog/?fdx_switcher=true