I dreamt we were swimming in a pool
Your hands clasping and unclasping my limp hair. 

In shallow water you pulled me close

And kissed the top of my head.  

You wiped off some water from your face as I tipped toe

And savored that kiss that we have thirst and hungered for. 

Image via pin interest 


Sail Away

“Sail away”
So familiar that smile that could sail a thousand ships. 
So familiar this gentleness that transcends time like it never ended, it just flows on and on. 
I, on the edge of that yacht looking upon you as the Amber sun sets. 
So gentle the breeze 

As we cruise along,

You knowing me 

the me that I’ve grown into. 
So familiar that we don’t exchange much words just glances in exchange for spoken ones 
I’m thankful for that your familiar 

My comfort in you. 

Your familiar drapes over me like a blanket as the sun dips it’s head into the sea. 

Image via http://www.australiantraveller.com/the-whitsundays/cape-gloucester/


Part 2 

The beginning and the end. 

I picked the ink up to smear the pages 

Heart tumbled over 

And emotions ran. 
Part 1

It didn’t end like I wanted

Strings coming undo

And all the loosen ends 

You didn’t give up easily

And i trembled over 6 feet deep

Coming from that end. 
We didn’t seem to matter 

Yet we came together with ease. 

A cocktail of endless trouble

A spirt of calm before the split.  
And now in terms of not so endearment,

Our eulogies and simple words 

we speak 

Part 2. 

I just want to hold on to it. 

Part 1. 

You lead. 


Image via http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/356532.page

No Fear

“No more”
I shall not fear 

Walking beside You,

 I will not fear.  
You are the banner waving over me,

cheering me on in the darkness of the night. 

Walking beside You 

I will quiver no more.  
I shall not fear 

when all around me fails.  

When the walls start to crumble,

I know you are my rock and shield. 
I shall not tremble knowing your word is a double edged sword of truth. 

Slice all my doubts oh Lord

and slay my weakness. 
How could I fear when 

Your love surrounds me. 

Pulling me closer to higher solid ground with each failure. 
Hold me tight 

And I’ll cling on to you Lord. 

For with you I shan’t ever 


Image via https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightning

A winter’s walk in Prague


” A winter walk in Prague ”
That sound that snow makes as you sink your boots in. 

The air as you try to exhale 

That puff of smoke or is it mist?

Standing on the bridge and looking out into the city lights. 

Caught in a world of my own. 

Frozen in that moment the beauty of Prague around me. 

The stones and statues laid like immortals anchored to the ground. 

I try to figure out what they are trying to tell me and imagine the stories they could tell if they might. 

Some parts of the bridge scares me a little 

And I see shadows in the twilight.  

Still, I linger and capture the beauty of it 

And try to capture a snowflake with the tip of my tongue as walk on slowly crossing that bridge. 

Image : I took this picture while we were crossing it in 2010 šŸ™‚ I truly loved that feeling of being there. I miss snow. 


” Reminisce ”
My fingers just lingered to your name

I miss your silly face and your lips on mine 

I play it in rewind 

Rewind and rewind and rewind 
I’m like the wind and you the feather floating into my dreams 

Tormenting my thoughts and giving me aches and pains 
We cannot unwind

We can’t remain

Just sail it away to the atmosphere 

And keep the memories in a pocket for another clear sky day
But for today I shall remain in my isolated isle

Recording the sounds and the swishing of the sheets as we laid 

And empty promise we had whispered 

Still lingers, lingers, lingers 

In the bottom of my mind. 

The Eye Of The Storm

” The Eye Of The Storm ”
I’m the calm before the storm. 

No one knows the rage that builds and brews within me,

Not even you. 

I am that buoy in the middle of the dark ocean. 

Bopping for the sake of bopping,

not knowing its purpose or destination. 

The calm spilling over. 

The rage boiling over. 



Waiting to be undone.  

Tearing at the seams and my cup running over. 

I am the calm and the rage waiting to burst and be done. 

Image via http://alcove.deviantart.com/art/wave-storm-326908571