Me myself 


” What’s this? “she asked 

“Tears” I whispered gently into her ear. 
For the lost we both felt I wanted to burst but I held it in. 
“Why did he go? Where did he go?”
Her innocent eyes faltered. 
I could only shake my head. 
My heart was broken to pieces. 
He was worst then the others 
Who took her body but never her soul. 
He never made promises 
But to her they were pure like gold. 
When he rain his kisses they were sweet. 
And she knew that it had ended,
it was just a dream. 
“What of us now?” She mustered. 
“I really don’t know” I said. 
“At least we have each other…”
She whispered in the shadows. 
I turned to my reflection 
And smiled.

Our fingers touched. 

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And Your Star Shines Brightly

I saw the starry night skies and thought of you. 

You love the stars 
How they fade and glow. 
Intangible like you. 
Free like you. 
If you could you would fly to Mars…
Take me with you?
The boy with stars in his eyes
And smoke for a voice. 
A Shadow that come go in my heart And the universe that speak your birth.
And the moon that glows bathe in the light. 
An ode for your loveliness. 
A stardust drifter among us.  

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Fade Away


Who are we?

We are ghosts guided hands. 
We are the shadows that whisper in your ear as you slip. 
Who are we?
Mirrors of what you used to be. 
The silent touch of what used to be warm kisses. 
Who are we?
Nothing and all
Engulfing the night 
Shifting from time to time. 
Who are we?
Nothing but smoke that fades and comes

Intangible and yet familiar.