Free spirited and true. 

I like running my hand down the spine of a leave. 
I’ll stare at the clouds for hours
And count the stars as they whisper to me at night. 
I won’t let you rein me. 
Legions have tried 
but only one is my Lord. 
They say you can break the spine but never the spirt 
So am I barefooted and fancy free. 
I swim in the oceans and walk by the shores
Listening to the waves as they tell of there tales and secrets 
The meadow is my bed
And the flowers and moss gather around to listen to Ng stories. 
So much to tell
So much to learn 
As the heartaches disappears 
and black clocked in the night 
I slip away 
Fade into a whisper
And wander 
Yonder yet again. 


I could never understand your childlike mind. 

I just want your soul. 


You don’t need to speak
Just follow
Step into my hollow 
By the willow lay. 
I don’t need to hear your reasons
10,000 thoughts 
And not one mine
Just abandon
Throw abandonment 
I don’t need love or hate 
Just the flicker of a blade
To surrender 
Sweet sorrow 
Come let it be 

Let’s end. 
Image via Instagram @desolateheaven my Ig friend  



You hurt me more than you mean to

But I take it well. 
It’s like I’m longing for a lesson
Beyond what should be spelt. 
I like it when the words or lack of it sink in me,
I parade it under my facade all too well. 
I let you walk all over me
Fresh wounds ripping from the swells 
I like the taste of the blood as it flows
I shouldn’t but it helps me remember well. 


Vanilla beans or lack of it. 

I thought of you 

Fresh vanilla beans,
the smell of rain pending…
I thought of your warm hands against my eager heart that was so willing to open up again. 
If I was a time traveller 
Would our paths reach out to pass?
Shall I savor once again the sweet memories of our love. 
The moaning of dawn as she breaks the stillness of the night. 
I’ll burn for your kindness and kiss all our fears away. 
We live for another day
Wildlander, dreamer, fae. 


I miss your candy kisses

The back of your hand 
The way your hair curls in between my fingers 
The smooth of your skin
Your smile that curves 
And eyes that speak oceans
Faraway stories that only we share
Only we whispered 
As under the stars we sang 
I miss you.