Berries Drip

I will feed you berries 

Till the juices run down your lips and into mine 

May they stain yours with sweetness and make you think of me

I’ll make you drunk with wine that you may be powerless to my advances. 
Eyes glister in the pale moonlight. 

A howl that conquers the silence of night. 

That and this is your destiny…
Your tasty lips on mine. 

You may run honey 

But you can never forget or hide. 

And you would want me till I’m back in you tracing my lips down your spine. 


Meet me..We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. 

Just worship my body

You know she can’t do what I can do for you. 

Take me…

I want us to go back to the places that we have been before. 

Want me…

Just do whatcha want and we don’t have to speak 

This hunger 

This fire will consume us till we burn 

I want you 

And I know you need and want me too. 

She. Her. 


If I was “She”…

I would download a self destructive virus that would erase me from existence. 

No search engine would ever uncover the way I felt or loved. 

If I was “her”…

I would never let you go

Not a moment out of my sight 

In an alternate universe. 

If I was “She” 

I would seek only to serve you 

To please you and to smile only for you. 

If I was “her” 

You needn’t worry for me cause just you being with me would have been all i need. 

I’m not “She” neither am I “her” 

I’m just me in this virtual limbo of regret wishing delete was just so simple. 

A pull of a trigger with a finger. 

Like a shot to the temper. 
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S it – While listening to A M 

Your fingers so warmThey tangled in my hair

My mind 

They make my body hot

And sometimes cold

I can’t bled that

Can’t forget that 

Are your fingers aching like mine are for yours 

And it’s a freaking damn feeling

Wanting to be played by you

Wanting to want you 

Listening to songs that remind me 

Of wanting you 

To please you

That you pleased me too 

The haunting never ends 

Fingers in the twilight 

Mingled my mangled mind 


Poured out

 I remember telling you 

how I would love to hold you in the rain. 

Let the raindrops pour over us 

Like stardust and liquid gold. 

I would cling on to you for warmth and feel you crush me in that embrace. 

Time was never on our side 

And even if it was we knew it would end sooner or later 

As the weather changed. 

Hearts changed. 

Still, I hope the rain reminds you of me and us. 

Walking silently across that street 

And into each other’s lives 

For that moment 

In that moment I was happy and no matter what you said you were too. 

Still long for that embrace 

And the rain

That is the constant thing that remains the same …

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Intrigue a tasty retreat ?

You are cool to the heart 

and warm to the touch 

We traced the stars across the maps of our skins and hearts 

What intrigues?

What might come to past?

I lay it all before me in puddles..

Surrendering to your touch.

You scope me with your fingers.

And taste me with your lips.

Ash and honey and golden fireflies 

Came and swamped the scene. 

We are transported.  

We are transfixed. 

Lost in time and space 

Raptured from reality 

Gone away…..