The Golden Ball


The Golden Ball.

Do you see me shine one last time as I tumble out of your fingers and into the pond so cold.

I see the light grow dimmer and the sky around me fades.

Your warmth hands that grasp around me caressing my smooth finish. Your loving voice and sweet face in frozen horror as I slipped and sunk they are anchored forever in my mind.

This quiet pond surrounds me.

Murky things weave and swim pass me.

Should I loss my shine and loveliness would her majesty still want me?

Woe! Endless waiting befalls me.

Her glorious face slowly eludes me.

As I fade. As I fade.



I rampage through the drawers of my mind wondering which part of me is truly me?
Hannah says she is and shall always be her and what about me?

How true am I and would I ever be the true me?
So many questions that lead to more drawers and compartmenting of things.

Yeah l love Slience.
It is such a luxury though to many I don’t seem to be one who would acknowledge how much it means to me.

Of course I’m broken it took a miracle to fix.
Thus the transfixtion on the crucified.
I nail it to that.
I place my sins, my heartbrokeness
And place them in your nailed pierced palms that set me free.

Hey you. 

“Hey you ”

To me you are not just a memory. 

The names that we wrote on the sand, 

Washed by the waters,

Drifted into a distance. 

Not seen by the eye 

But anointed in spirit, 

Drifted to another world where our hands,

Hand in hand unite 

And we are one 

Once again.

As we were 

Entangled forever. 

Our souls entombed as one for eternity. 

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Whilst I wait 

“Whilst i wait”
Whilst we in darkness struggle to find peace. 

The light that we had crucified had risen from grief. 
Whilst we had hungered, lusted and sinned. 

He took on our sin and tore it to bits. 
Whilst I sat wallowing in self pity and praise. 

Humbly bowed and affected he hung and stood in faith. 
Whilst I thought I bore the weight of the world. 

He took on that weight and crushed the darkness. 
I’m still waiting. 

And He shall come. 

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That’s you sweetie 

making think of sweet 

sweet nothings. 

When you smile I freeze 

Wanting time to stop

so I could lick those lips. 

If you let go sugar 

I’ll go into hyper drive

Cause your love 

Is adrenaline

Running down my spine.  

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