Media Lies

Media Lies

It is true when you say I only love myself.
So brilliantly true.
When I see my reflection I can only think of the fun places I can be rather then being here myself.
Am I lying?
Play pretending this perfect world is mine and yours.
The pictures images that seem to good to be true isn’t true.
Why are we lying?
Why are we not loving ourselves more?
You say you love more than others and the world on your shoulder burns deep into your soul.
And if I were to help you?
You said I couldn’t bear the weight and we would just crumble into pieces and fall.
What do I do then?
Two steps to defeat
Too tired to move further.
So separate walls emerge
As the picturous images of a world I’ve created freeze the pain and trap that is very real…. 
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If we were together
We would be silly and so happy,
We’ll stuff our faces in ice-cream,
You’ll wrap me in a blanket,
Nothing beneath it.
I’ll make pasta
You’ll make me treats,
You’ll pull my pigtails
And draw me in for a kiss,
Or more ~

If we were together
We’ll do all the crazy things.
We’ll travel around the world
With your camera and my smile.
We’ll find the soul in each other’s mates
And go on the most ridiculous dates.
We’ll slow dance in the rainforest and count the zillion stars in the night.
You’ll draw me close to you
And I’ll feel your heart beat
As I draft to sleep.


I’ll say it
It doesn’t matter how I love you.
The taste of you lingers on my lips and everywhere.

It doesn’t need to have a name or a place,
It started as a kind of fondness that grew into a mountian or a lake.
I,  I just want to plunge into it forever.

Your scent that I wanna wear around and nothing else,
My hopeless pride that crumbles when you eat me up,
I’ll just gladly surrender…
All for the sake of love.
Dangerous love. 



Words that I dare not say.
Who had lead who astray?
More years and still we are here
In each others arms,

We rock,
Bob and forth
And In tune we play
Till we forte.

What madness we bear
Only we know.
Let the sweat and the dampness of these sheets
Hold the secrets we’ve told.

We know only to never to be found
Lost in a complete rapture
For moments
We both felt unbound
Like mammals satisfying our crave. 

Black wrapper

Black wrappers

I’ve never received a present wrapped in black.
And it’s content?
A surprise.
It stored the story of you…
Complex lines.
Romance and something that you can’t quite put a finger on.

That lopsided smile
And strong mane made of screws.
You say you didn’t know  what to get.
It’s fine by me.
Me you did get.
The note told me it all.
That jest like that, that pac we have,
All packed and wrapped ready to ignite and shiver.