You think you have saved me?

The truth is I’m broken even more 

I’m close to it

That breaking point of no return 

And I know you wouldn’t , couldn’t care,

Even if you tried. 

Who was I kidding?

Thinking things were special. 

We live with our monsters

We feed them. 

We caged them only to let them breathe a little,

to give them hope before ensalving them once again. 

Why so? 

Because we feed on their anger and pain 

And grow better knowing their passion keeps us alive. 

No more bullshit my friend or ex friend or whatever you are. 

Fairy tales for little girls 

And life is a sentence 

Craved with gore and glory. 

Cheers. Que Sara. 



1am 29/6

 I like pretty fragile things that cocoon themselves and never seem to grow old. We are too delicate in the matters of the heart and at the end of it.. All we all fall in nothing or something …

I’m gone

I step over the edge. 

Lift off. 

Fall in reverse. 

Drowning in my wake. 

I can’t stop obsessing.  

The ticking of my heart 

And the sound of loving you it makes. 

And like sand how you would grovel and slip. 

I feel weightless and dizzy. 

I beg for mercy of release. 
It’s hard letting go

It’s harder to want to waddle into deep waters,

But like what they say my love,

The heart wants what it wants 

and the phantom at the wings 

Waits hungrily for a chance to pounce on my defeat. 



I try again to step over

This mistake. 

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Maggots crawling up my skin 

Worming through my thoughts and mind. 

Ill thoughts and I’m drowning

I cannot breathe 

I’m letting emotions run amok in my wake

And I want to RIP but they are keeping me awake 

I hate this…

I hate it but I love it

That’s the words talking

My soul searching 

Fireflies buzzing around my crib

Casting shadows and light

Lighting and dark

I curl and shirk and try to sleep 

Jellyfish mob

That’s how you make me feel. 

All messed up insides. 

I want to bob in your troubled mind. 

Be the frenzy in your rush. 

Be one with the mob that clashes in your soul. 

I want to steal it. 

Messed up that busy schedule of yours so you’ll clear it for me. 

Like a huge mass we make a mess 

No cleaning up 

Just a big after party. 

Come stop your silence and let it cease. 

Give me your attention 

I so demand it.  

My problem 

My problem is

I have no issue with who I am. 

I like to do the things that I do. 

Feel the way I do. 

Go with the flow if it suits

And talk to strangers 

harness their roots. 
My problem is

I have a heart that is too weak

And a taste for all things new. 

It gets me in trouble and he always comes to my rescue 

I beat him for it not needing my savior  

I’m stubborn and I like seeing my battle scars 

Black and blue. 
My problem is

My mind is always twisted


Obsessed with obsession. 

I like being the object 

Yet I can’t accept rejection 

I surrender way too easily and delight in the puddle of defeat. 

My problem is

I alway rise like the ashes

Smoking at the tail

Because I know nothing is worth the trouble of a heartbreak 

And tears are way too precious

And brave is the new frontier. 

Sooner or later 

 Sooner than later

You gonna fall

We like the sun to rise 

and bend our knees to kiss it’s

glorious rays

Sooner or later

Fire melts wax

And it molds again

Sooner or later we met by the light or in the shadows 

To share sweet nectar as the sun kisses our lips

Sooner or later 

It’s harder to resist 

And you know the pull is coming 

So just come and release