Yes. No. Yes. No you didn’t Yes I did And we go back and forth Like this my sweet. You taste like caramel Salty and sweet Kind of the type I take delight in. Take me deep And we travel beyond sleep To a galaxy Where nothing is make believe. So yes you did I think we’re freaks Orbiting orion With your glorious rocket ship. 🚀🚀🚀


1645 @ the tea shop

A tea shop;
A mom in need of a nap.
Friends catching up over lattes.
Friends with greys taking wefies.
A purple haired Nihon-jin pitching his ideas to voluptous ladies.
A girl scrolling through her feeds, as she feeds.

Stan Getz playing just for me.
My pen roaming and sipping on my tea.
The baby sleeps.
Those friends speak with animated gestures.
Those others greys took leave,
And that Nihon-jin still pitches to awestrucked sweeties.
The girl she continues to eat.

Peace.  Piece. 

​Peace.  Piece

What keeps us alive?
What keeps us alive?
In my world
No hate
No shame
No degrade
Just a piece full of love
In a world not cursed.
I can’t understand what it would take
For dreams to be made.

A world full of opportunities
A world free from pride
No his, hers or mine
Freeing fear from all minds
If I could create so fantastic a reality
Would I still be called naive?
A gift made of nothing
Just my world anger free.