Are we grown up?



🌸Dedicated to my Mummy who has been with me through it all. Blessed Mother’s Day. 妈母亲节快乐🌸
And to all mothers, godmas,grandmas and mothers to be. Blessed Mother’s Day🌹







I can’t remember how it felt to be born and to be in my mother’s hands that 1st time….
I can’t remember how my son or daughter smelt like when they were placed in mine. 
All I remember is feeling that I would never be the same me ever again. 
That love at 1st sight feeling is indescribable and the bond unbreakable.
Seeing my son sleep and I sneak him a whisper of love. 
Seeing my girl tossing in her crib,

I bend over and kiss her.
I’ll never love like this ever again. 
Each moment, each fear, each heartbreak of theirs forever linked mine.
Every experince in your life. 
Each love, each failure and Victories live it well and savor it. 
Be brave. Be faithful. Fight for what you believe in and always be kind. 
Be better than me and your Father. 
And always 


I’m proud and you are loved. 
Thank you for calling me mama 

my sweet babies.

Dessert 010217

Dessert 010217







In a world so full of love,

I could never choose hate.
In a life so full of memories, 

I could only choose the dark and good ones.
You and we are intertwine 

Like threads to a tapestry.
We are so alike 

And so different 

It just blows my mind… In a time from the past, 

To the present 

And beyond 

Everything you say just makes me wonder 

And I’ll wonder if you ever question,
Why the maker made you?

And your purpose?

And your pain?
Could you and would you have 

Rewritten your stories?

And remade ours?
In the capsule of a time 

Age carries faded memories of time 

We hold hands and exchange pleasantries.
I’m hoping we will exchange hearts and meaningful conversations 

That can withstand the grime of time. 

I’ll Savour them.









Ive seen a thousand loves before 

Yet I’ve chosen you.

To love you and to cherish. 

As I look upon the endless clouds 

I think of our conversations 

Our skin, cool as we touch each other 

And our love warming up the dawn 

I think of a song 

Best to describe us 

But words fail our love 

Our affair 

A dream among an endless puff 

Fleeting and lovely 

And not made to last … 

Aunty Susie

Aunty Susie

That night before our last meeting
I thought of the things I wanted to say and pray for you…

A simple hymn of blessings came upon me from Him to you.

Memories of childhood with Fay and our sleepover laced with warmth memories of your care and love came to mind.

How kind and thoughtfully you shared your home and holiday trips.
Such sweet memories
I’ll always cherish.
No doubt, 
Your elegance,
And intelligence
Your lovely girls have inherited.
The hospitable love and culinary skills
they have mastered.
How proud you must be of their grace and achievements like thee.

That day, you told my mummy
That you were ready to see God but that you worry for those you love and care.

You asked
Could you spend more time with them?
Would God allow you?

As you rest Ji Kim,
May you find comfort in knowing
 they are loved as you were.
That God heard you and He will always watch over and comfort those whom you cherish and hold dear.

I’m glad we had that few hours
That you smiled and enjoyed that hymn.
Thankful to have and hold you for one more time.

Ji Kim,
Till we meet again,
Simle always and look down upon us
With your peaceful love till we meet again.

Always with love