Take off

You said your wings were tainted.
Yet you wore them proud.
You stood at the edge of defiance and sprung forward towards the clouds.

I ran to the edge to catch a glimpse,
only to be caught in an embrace that pulled me down.

We tumbled.
We kissed.
And fell swirling into outer sphere,
Spiraling without fear.

Don’t wanna touch the ground.
Felt free, floating on clouds.
You brought me back to the edge
and spun me around.

Soon after I’ve found
Wings of my own had sprouted.
I let them out,
And floated off the ground.


Silently creeps

It whispers so
The siren that haunts in the night
She sings silently before she goes

Banish it into abandonment
Do not rip up your soul
Leave be the sentiments

Do not torment your soul

Dripping from emotions that never lasts
Leaping from tragedy to dust
On she goes to cast

Do so before dust


I blaze in the night
Weaving in and out and about
Dashing pass the trees
Running bare footed
Feeling the grass upon my feet

I fly through the night
Dipping and soaring
Right where to where the moon meets the heavens
To kiss it’s tops and curves

I dive into the deep
To discover treasures
Uncover something lost
Unearth the forgotten