Han’s-mer thee end



“One, 2 plunges and you’ll be free” whispered her siren sisters from the Deep.

She creeps to their boudoir and opens it.

Raven locks intertwined with his gold.
Their bodies bare.
Glistering in the moonlight.
There it is… Her forever after.
His promise of unyielding love.
Yielding to another..

Fools these mortals be.
And foolish of her to want to be like him.

Her heart bled with each step.
His face and ” hers” a mark of contentment.
A stab.
A slap in hers.

She paused to look at him.
Her gaze stroking the outline of his lovely face.
“One plunge and I can be with my sisters. ”

Crimson to dark.
Dark faded to nothing.
Hers,not his nor the other her.
How would she,
Not when in darkness her heart had long gone.

“Such a pity… Such a pity …” Sang her sisters.

She took a step.
Dagger in her wound.
Flying to neither-land.
A song in her heart.
A love forgotten.
A crimson hair girl’s innocence.
Forever buried in the depths of the ocean.
Laying in the bottom for a lover’s return.

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She thought she was immune to a strange foreign stranger.
But he took her by surprised.
Gave her something no one had ever known.
A heart.

And with it.
She took flight and flew to places she had never been.
Glint in her mind.
A soul fragile, set free

He got her in her clutches.
Scoped her onto his dark horses.
Flew by the night,
Into the dark.
A heart, hungry.
And a soul… Ready to be reaped.

Day 72, Just a pretty Sunday

Helped out in Sunday school today. Loving the cheeky 5-6 year olds.



Kid’s art







Lunch with my extended family and my baby sis rocking her new do and looking like a teen! 🙂 love ya.


We were invited to D’s friend, and colleague (who happens to be our Neighbour ) place for a get together.


This beautiful sunset inspires the soul.



Brush. Sleep. Brush

Sleep brushes over me like waves on the shore.
It rolls off me down to the floor.
I drank w tall glass of milk to help with the heat but I kept wanting more.
Flicker on. Flick off.
I’m sick of this once more.

Brushes the pages with my fingers.
Doesn’t seem to help at all.
All this junk in my head is trying to escape this great big huge hall.

Paint the sleep with all my colors.
Entice myself to bed.
Roll over.
Roll under.
Lights off. Come on.
I’m off to bed~

His Wings

His wings.

Rest upon His unfailing wings.
Bask in His light that never goes dim.
In a world full of darkness,
The voice that makes me sing.
In a time where nothing is all in rage,
He is centre ground.
Eyes upon Him.
Heart opened just enough to ask Him in.
Unchained the cages that bind me.
Lead me on.
Set me free.
I am not ashamed.