When we met 

I saw your face from a distance.

I will always remember the way your back feels as I trail it with my fingers. 

You didn’t seem shock or repulsed by our meeting. 

I didn’t want to come across eager 

so I sat across from you,

Then a seat from you. 

I held it in… 

My longing to touch you. 

Embrace you and to kiss you

And time just slipped on this short journey. 

Such irony our paths

Once again 2 strangers on the same line to different destinations. 

Bounded and fated to have meet and met. 

Our destinies forever intertwined. 

I left my warm seat 

With my heart in my throat 

I stole a last glance at you

And waved

And as the train left and I stood waiting..

Emotions overcame once again …

Image via http://www.corvallisadvocate.com/2013/0905-culture-fail-how-corvallis-led-me-to-despise-trains/


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