Red’s wolf

“Red’s Wolf ”
Puffed your way into my heart 

Dressed up in grandma’s 

Words that were faked 

Eyes larger then mine. 
Could I tame that?

Would I be devoured 

And savored ?

Am I tasty or 

Could I be your demise?
Bad wolf!

With my blade I could sliced your throat wide. 

Puppy dog eyes could you turn that around and surrender to me?
Turn out my grandma now

And follow me out into the woods 

The night is almost behind us

It’s time for you to come undone. 



” Reminisce ”
My fingers just lingered to your name

I miss your silly face and your lips on mine 

I play it in rewind 

Rewind and rewind and rewind 
I’m like the wind and you the feather floating into my dreams 

Tormenting my thoughts and giving me aches and pains 
We cannot unwind

We can’t remain

Just sail it away to the atmosphere 

And keep the memories in a pocket for another clear sky day
But for today I shall remain in my isolated isle

Recording the sounds and the swishing of the sheets as we laid 

And empty promise we had whispered 

Still lingers, lingers, lingers 

In the bottom of my mind. 

When we met 

I saw your face from a distance.

I will always remember the way your back feels as I trail it with my fingers. 

You didn’t seem shock or repulsed by our meeting. 

I didn’t want to come across eager 

so I sat across from you,

Then a seat from you. 

I held it in… 

My longing to touch you. 

Embrace you and to kiss you

And time just slipped on this short journey. 

Such irony our paths

Once again 2 strangers on the same line to different destinations. 

Bounded and fated to have meet and met. 

Our destinies forever intertwined. 

I left my warm seat 

With my heart in my throat 

I stole a last glance at you

And waved

And as the train left and I stood waiting..

Emotions overcame once again …

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Falling in reverse again 

I fall in reverse from the ashes of my mind into the puddle of senses 

And though I’m not sure why I look at my fingers laced with blood and warmth and eyed my motionless body on the floor. 
I fall in reverse knowing the mind cannot erase a moment or two… 

That this wretched soul belongs to you and that forlorn feeling runs deep and true 

And though you no longer care or even give a freaking damn

There must be a part of your aching soul that whispers for me
So my body leaves my soul

Leaves my mind into the empty grave 

I fall from grace I seek empty emotions that won’t stick 

as my mind turns to you 

and I fall into the ground

Kiss it as it rises to meet my muffled sound 

And your face the last of it to sting my lips and anchor my soul

Forever lost in reverse. 

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Do they know us well?The us that is hidden. 

The fear that cannot be spoken. 

The loneliness that numbs. 
Oh We cover it well,

so well with our flashes of facade and whitewash. 

So what If I’m an object.

A trademark.

Some cliche that you think is special. 
Who knows the true meaning of the exchange of meaningless games between the fist bumps and the deranged. 

You said I don’t smoke cigarettes because I should be smoking cigars. 

Does it really matter how I choose my smoke mirrors or games?

Do you like to play. 
I’m on a carousel for the insane

And I’m spinning in circles and looking the same 

Because they like what they paid for 

The pretty face, lovely name

We have chosen to be a choice 

Who’s to say what matters 

What we want is all the same. 


My problem 

My problem is

I have no issue with who I am. 

I like to do the things that I do. 

Feel the way I do. 

Go with the flow if it suits

And talk to strangers 

harness their roots. 
My problem is

I have a heart that is too weak

And a taste for all things new. 

It gets me in trouble and he always comes to my rescue 

I beat him for it not needing my savior  

I’m stubborn and I like seeing my battle scars 

Black and blue. 
My problem is

My mind is always twisted


Obsessed with obsession. 

I like being the object 

Yet I can’t accept rejection 

I surrender way too easily and delight in the puddle of defeat. 

My problem is

I alway rise like the ashes

Smoking at the tail

Because I know nothing is worth the trouble of a heartbreak 

And tears are way too precious

And brave is the new frontier. 


I would move the clouds from the sky If you wanted to see the stars. 

I could kiss away the tears 

That laid freckles on your impossibly perfect face. 

If you asked me to I would have held over my heart,

beating still on a sliver platter. 
To hear your laughter I would cross an ocean, 

river a mile to be near. 

I could caress your hair till it shone like the kindness in your soul 

or had I made that up because I had refused to believe you’ve turned cold. 
Even if you said I had never meant a single thing that you and I were never a whole,

Still I would never asked for time to alter my feelings to the grave and beyond I’ll forever hold….