A rock and a soft place 

Hey you 

with your silly grin 

And loop of a smile. 
You with your silence,

Cold heart. 

Warm hands. 
Hey you when we had touched 

and a million butterflies fluttered 

to overcome me. 
You and your moment 

And my moment with you. 
Yeah you 

It was so easy with you breaking Berlin getting absorbed in our woes.
Just that I had forgotten you were on loan and I had to pay a fine that was long, long overdue. 
Fondling fondness that can’t seem fade that faith and reason seems to allude me. 

When you’re here. 
I’m lost in you 

My images and thoughts of us 

Can’t seem to conclude well.
Hey yeah, 

you and me dude. 

This is hard…

Like between a rocks and a spade and shovel here. 

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