That’s you sweetie 

making think of sweet 

sweet nothings. 

When you smile I freeze 

Wanting time to stop

so I could lick those lips. 

If you let go sugar 

I’ll go into hyper drive

Cause your love 

Is adrenaline

Running down my spine.  

Picture via http://eclecticoddsnsods.co.uk/2014/02/05/flaming-skirts-fiestas-little-bit-of-oooh-la-la/


Burning bridges 

Building towers 

Letting the flames lick my feet

And not thinking for a moment that I’ll suffer. 
Not thinking of you,

Yet thinking of you. 

Surrendering to something greater,

Not wanting yet wanting it. 
Letting go of my darkness 

Embracing something greater and to be magnanimous. 

I’m so selfish and greedy 

I wonder if I even know how to love?
Leaping through loops

And coming to strange conclusions

I’m more confused then I had started 

As this seems like a never ending coop. 

Image via http://www.geeksofdoom.com/2013/04/10/disney-acquires-pitch-for-labyrinth-remake-but-not-really

November – December 2015 in pictures. 

Had my acl recontrustive surgery done. 25th November 2015.    

I’ve been doddling and doing Christmas craft.   
  Hi , happy holidays all from my sunny (now rainy) tropical isle. 


Vanilla beans or lack of it. 

I thought of you 

Fresh vanilla beans,
the smell of rain pending…
I thought of your warm hands against my eager heart that was so willing to open up again. 
If I was a time traveller 
Would our paths reach out to pass?
Shall I savor once again the sweet memories of our love. 
The moaning of dawn as she breaks the stillness of the night. 
I’ll burn for your kindness and kiss all our fears away. 
We live for another day
Wildlander, dreamer, fae. 

Rainbows and such. 

My friend once told me it’s time to get those curls out from the clouds. Eventually we all grow up. 

I never wanna grow up 

If it meant :
no longer chasing rainbows;
Conforming to a certain life that society things;
Raising children according to a textbook;
Falling in love without excitement. 
BE in love to create excitement. 
Raising children from mistakes turned gold.
Loving life and living one that’s worthy. 
Sliding on rainbows. 
Grown up 
And growing up to embrace it’s wisdom and beauty. 
Curls can turn blond. 
And clouds disperse the sun. 
And what my friend had told me 
had come to pass and I’m all grown up. 
Yet I’m none the wiser but still as fun. 

Image via http://my10online.com/2011/11/rainbows/rainbows/


Slipping sand at 3am
The clock unwinds

Shifting and turning at 3am
Running around
Soul unhinged.

Slipping memories
Stolen dreams
All start to unravel at 3am.

Sleep upon me
Washing over like waves
Mustering courage just at
3 am.


I wanna trace my fingers down your back
Your caramel skin against my pale
I wanna use my tongue in ways I’ve never done before
Write sonnets on your belly.

I wanna sweat with you and drink in each drop
Feel you as you feel me
Touch me in places no one has ever seen
You bring me to another high
I feel like I’m riding on waves
A swell, a bump all moving through me,
Through you.

I wanna let you feel as good as you make me feel.
Hold you in my mouth, my hand, my thoughts.
Crash into me and we can collide
Staring into each other’s eyes
This is intimate and we can’t deny it
An Insatiable appetite that we had to devour.

Do you wanna go on these trips with me?
Come into my world and I will run in yours.
So wanna make you feel as happy as you make me
Ride into oblivion
Embrace in vulnerability
Gazing into the outer sphere
Or just holding hand, resting in a dream~