When we meet 

I wanna hold you 

And look you straight into your eyes and kiss you. 
When we meet 

I want to caress your skin

And breathe in all of you and your glory. 
When we meet

Tell me about your days and times when we were parted and that I could hear you speak with wonder and amusement. 
When we meet

I’ll embrace you and wear you like a coat everywhere till you’ll get sick of me. 
When we meet 

Stars align and I would be whole again for a moment 

When we meet. 

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I cannot not admit. 

Everything in small or big ways

All lead me to loving you. 

And it terrifies and excites me

Knowing in an instant,

Like a match,

We can all go up in flames. 

Burn away….

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Part 2 

The beginning and the end. 

I picked the ink up to smear the pages 

Heart tumbled over 

And emotions ran. 
Part 1

It didn’t end like I wanted

Strings coming undo

And all the loosen ends 

You didn’t give up easily

And i trembled over 6 feet deep

Coming from that end. 
We didn’t seem to matter 

Yet we came together with ease. 

A cocktail of endless trouble

A spirt of calm before the split.  
And now in terms of not so endearment,

Our eulogies and simple words 

we speak 

Part 2. 

I just want to hold on to it. 

Part 1. 

You lead. 


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HaZed there, been that

“Hazed there, been that.” 
Slient night once again. 

Dong goes the fog,


A frog of a lump in my throat. 

Swiftly she kisses me and silence my thoughts. 

Teary eyes I can’t think nor see no more. 

Torn from existing for this moment. 

No time to smell the roses, 

As she rises to claim her throne.  

Hail come the queen with her airy mystified bellow of smoke and bore. 
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And all that 

“And all that”
Sad eyes that want to swallow in your loveliness.


Soft lips that misses yours that tasted like velvet. 
Fingers that lingered and scratched and held on tight. 
Hair that went long or short and smelt like spring. 
Skin like butter and smooth like silk. 
My whispers..your baritone. 
Echoes that bounced off our bodies and soul. 
The heart that is tender and so easily broken and stolen. 
Soul that sings a lullaby to the wearily and lost but cannot find peace once again found peace in you. 

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You’re sweet 

As sweet as one can be

And I don’t deserve it 

I never once did. 
You’re a dream

A vision cast from smoke and mirrors 

Drawn out perfectly for me 

And I’ll be a fool for not taking it. 
You’re in blue 

My favorite color 

it reminds of my clear skies 

And a fresh dip in an endless pool,

 all I want is to get lost in. 
You’re like a diamond 

Simple till you shine

Non complicated and delicate

Yet hard and refine

I want your worth

I want to earn it. 

Own it. 
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Let’s again 

Thank you for making me 

Feel like I can begin again. 
For teaching me that I can

Feel sweetness and kindness 

In the simplest of gestures. 
Not putting a name makes 

It all the more special doesn’t it?
So thank you. 

For helping me

Become me once again

My sweet. 
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