While Angels sleep

The world 
The twirling stops for just 
A bit. 
It’s all quiet now like
Fresh snow fallen on my feet. 
Just birds chirping. 
The soft circling of the ceiling fan
That accompanies me. 
My sock
My books 
My pen and paper 
These things that make me happy surround me. 
Just a pause in small moments
Just time standing still
Amidst the hurling speed of 
A society that never sleeps. 



To see you smile again
Little patter of sunshine
Come chase all my clouds away
Things will get better you say
Holding on to forever
I love to see your face each day.

Day 100!!!!

Starting day 100 with a very delectable Thai lunch with wonderful friends. We went to golden mile and had truly authentic Thai food. 20140430-210806.jpg20140430-210823.jpg
Mango salad! One of my favorites. I love the savory sweetness and sour taste. 20140430-210928.jpg
We had seafood Phai Thai , glass noodles with delicious sauce. 20140430-211037.jpg
This dish, roasted pork with spinach was really wonderful. The chilli padi ( small chilli) makes you sweat! But oh was it so good!)

Something sweet to end the meal.
Mango with glutinous rice ( it was green and had pandan flavor and was heavenly~ )


I guess I have found joy and happiness in the simple things in life. I’m grateful for all I have. And thankful that I have lots to be happy about.

May you find your happy:)

Day 28, Part 1

Day 28,
I started the morning with a quick workout.

Visited my friend at her wonderful place and had a late morning breakfast.
We had lovely osmanthus and lavender tea with honey and cinnamon toast bread.



She also made some scrumptious blueberry muffin~

Le cinnamon toast with a hint of honey

Yup it was so delicious that I took a bite before taking that picture.

I would love to add my friend’s lovely blog here. Do pay her a visit to get a look on the lovely green places in Singapore and her adventures with her family.