Firm hands
Firm hands that hold me down
Pull my hair and make me
will to yours.

Soft skin
As I burn and you blaze
No race or end insight
Just the thrill of the seen.

You like my voice
As I peak you peak
Like moths dangerously close to being crisp
We come together
And burn.

Liquid voice
As your touch mine and I yours
We sing a tune so intimate
No one could ignore…

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Sorry for the lack of posts.  Chinese New Year is such a busy period here’s a little something, sometimes….


The Journey?

“The Journey?”
Where have our conversations left us?

In puddles of sweat nothing less 

Nothing more?

Where have our battles brought us?

Scars that stretch for miles 

And not one a step closer.

And love that haunts us?

Is but a shrouding fog that mystifies and and never fails to amaze. 

For whatever befalls us 

Our journey and loves intertwined; henceforth till the end of time. 

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It was a clear, breezy night 

quite like a night like this, 

that he took her by the hand 

and they went in search of mischief. 
With the twinkle of the eye

And sweet words off his lips 

He parted her innocent ways 

And brought something out of her that she had never seen. 
Howling under the moon,

Shedding their skins. 

They dived into clear waters,

Into the river deep. 
It was a clear, crisp night 

As he turned his back to her to leave. 

That blade clenched in her fist that sliced,

Sure was clean and swift. 

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In a sentence 

Diving free fall into pillows. 
Sliding down a pole. 
Eating a giant bowl of orange Jellos. 
Walking barefooted on freshly mowed grass. 
Midnight singing under the stars. 
Taking a dip in a warm pool in my birthday suit. 
Howling when no one is looking. 
Bouncing up and down on a new bed. 
Eating a whole salted bake chicken from limb to limb. 
Singing out of tune and not caring. 
Twirling around and around and around…
Making words that don’t matter but make me happy and mad or sad. 
Crying and shaking when I think no one is looking. 
Scribbling thoughts that become venom if I’m not careful. 
Putting on new clothes , new shoes and tons of makeup to feel good. 
Being told I’m beautiful but feeling ugly on the inside. 
Melting into a puddle of sadness or joy. 
Feeling illusive and void. 
Feeling joy and peace and hope. 
My thoughts a bubble wrap wonder. 
Waiting, waiting to be unfold. 

…Waiting to burst. …

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Still get to me don’t you ….

You were a piece of my soul

Meant to be set free. 
Like butterflies in summer. 

Like the wind that grazes my cheeks, kiss me once and flew by. 
You are the kissable, untangle-able line from the base of my chin to the soles of my feet bringing me balance. 
You taught me a kind of freedom that I had never known. 

And like the change of seasons must come so be. 
So kiss my cheeks once more and 

glaze upon me like the light as it fades
And I’ll piece my soul together with threads again like an old melody
And sing to you in true tune one fine day when you pass my way again. 

Intrigue a tasty retreat ?

You are cool to the heart 

and warm to the touch 

We traced the stars across the maps of our skins and hearts 

What intrigues?

What might come to past?

I lay it all before me in puddles..

Surrendering to your touch.

You scope me with your fingers.

And taste me with your lips.

Ash and honey and golden fireflies 

Came and swamped the scene. 

We are transported.  

We are transfixed. 

Lost in time and space 

Raptured from reality 

Gone away…..