L is …

“L is .. ”
Being loved is not an easy thing. 

It means pockets of sunshine 

Grasping each other hands through the Rays. 
Being in love is bitter sweet surrender , surrendering to the fact that you can be at ease with whatever may come. 
Being silly , being easy and simple as we should. 
Being there is just whispering in your ear, “how much I miss you. ”
Loving is easy and forgetting is hard when fresh love resolves to something mature you know it can last. 
We long we often want that something new forgetting and remembering being loved is like ambers fanned out and flamed it can run its course anew. 
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Still get to me don’t you ….

You were a piece of my soul

Meant to be set free. 
Like butterflies in summer. 

Like the wind that grazes my cheeks, kiss me once and flew by. 
You are the kissable, untangle-able line from the base of my chin to the soles of my feet bringing me balance. 
You taught me a kind of freedom that I had never known. 

And like the change of seasons must come so be. 
So kiss my cheeks once more and 

glaze upon me like the light as it fades
And I’ll piece my soul together with threads again like an old melody
And sing to you in true tune one fine day when you pass my way again. 

Poured out

 I remember telling you 

how I would love to hold you in the rain. 

Let the raindrops pour over us 

Like stardust and liquid gold. 

I would cling on to you for warmth and feel you crush me in that embrace. 

Time was never on our side 

And even if it was we knew it would end sooner or later 

As the weather changed. 

Hearts changed. 

Still, I hope the rain reminds you of me and us. 

Walking silently across that street 

And into each other’s lives 

For that moment 

In that moment I was happy and no matter what you said you were too. 

Still long for that embrace 

And the rain

That is the constant thing that remains the same …

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I would move the clouds from the sky If you wanted to see the stars. 

I could kiss away the tears 

That laid freckles on your impossibly perfect face. 

If you asked me to I would have held over my heart,

beating still on a sliver platter. 
To hear your laughter I would cross an ocean, 

river a mile to be near. 

I could caress your hair till it shone like the kindness in your soul 

or had I made that up because I had refused to believe you’ve turned cold. 
Even if you said I had never meant a single thing that you and I were never a whole,

Still I would never asked for time to alter my feelings to the grave and beyond I’ll forever hold….



I miss your candy kisses

The back of your hand 
The way your hair curls in between my fingers 
The smooth of your skin
Your smile that curves 
And eyes that speak oceans
Faraway stories that only we share
Only we whispered 
As under the stars we sang 
I miss you. 

Missing you

I love your hellos

and love your goodbyes 
Though we hardly have the time
Time is capsuled in our minds
Your soulful gazes
Your gentle kisses
Sweep my wayward mess of a hair 
And hold me close dear
whisper your hellos softly

And squeeze me breathless and love your goodbyes 

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