November – December 2015 in pictures. 

Had my acl recontrustive surgery done. 25th November 2015.    

I’ve been doddling and doing Christmas craft.   
  Hi , happy holidays all from my sunny (now rainy) tropical isle. 



Sail Away

“Sail away”
So familiar that smile that could sail a thousand ships. 
So familiar this gentleness that transcends time like it never ended, it just flows on and on. 
I, on the edge of that yacht looking upon you as the Amber sun sets. 
So gentle the breeze 

As we cruise along,

You knowing me 

the me that I’ve grown into. 
So familiar that we don’t exchange much words just glances in exchange for spoken ones 
I’m thankful for that your familiar 

My comfort in you. 

Your familiar drapes over me like a blanket as the sun dips it’s head into the sea. 

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 I walked barefooted.

The grass soft beneath me. 

The air clear. 
The rustling of the breeze tingling my cheek. 
I reach out to touch the soft petals of a flower. 
The green leave spread out to welcome me. 
Such an honor to be among beauty. 
Paradise just at my feet. 



While Angels sleep

The world 
The twirling stops for just 
A bit. 
It’s all quiet now like
Fresh snow fallen on my feet. 
Just birds chirping. 
The soft circling of the ceiling fan
That accompanies me. 
My sock
My books 
My pen and paper 
These things that make me happy surround me. 
Just a pause in small moments
Just time standing still
Amidst the hurling speed of 
A society that never sleeps. 

Lips, feet and leaves


The taste of your lips still makes me think of you.
You make me wanna soak my feet in your waters,
Be drenched in your love.
My lips have spoken your name over and over.
Feet has taken me over yonder and under to seek you.
Come free yourself upon me and rest upon my cheeks.
Your lips shall haunt me
And feet tangle and cover mine and yours
Forever intertwine.

Rim on my teacup

It is morning and the sun kisses the rim of my cup.
Such simple pleasures that I taste each morning.
Words of praise for the memory of you.
Shall they anoint my lips?
My lips remember yours early this morning.
The sweetness that you left behind.
Memories laced with a promise of tomorrow…


Alice free falls

Alice drowned and emerged soaked.
A new world covered in mist and smoke
And he was a Cheshire Cat
With a smoke grinning gesturing at her.

Alice rose and fell with each step.
Roses had bloomed with each little tap.
The air around her sweet and ripe,
Ready to burst into delight.

A cup of tea to smooth her chills.
It warms her and clings to her without frills.
Alice thinks of her rabbit and starts to wonder?
How fall have I fallen yonder?

Free fall
Free fall
She tumbles and slips.
Alice is happy that she never has to go back to sleep.








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