No it isn’t easy knowing this thing called “Death”.

In my youth I found it illusive and mystical 

like the moon on a clear night. 

It’s not a great feeling saying you know it’s pull for some

and the fear of it, 

a gripping one for many others.
It does not seek only the fools 

or the weak.

All fall ,

when the Maker calls 

and the time comes for everyone

 when it knocks on your door. 

A mercy for some

and for the living 

a loss forever more… Death can be sweet 

in the arms of a partner

who has known you a lifetime or not. 

It could be lonely 

and painful in a clinical room

filled with machines and endless beeping. 

Nevertheless, I’m glad I’ve seen and know it,

yet I’ll never fully want to embrace it

just quite yet…

Who could when the lossing and letting go is the hardest to bear. 

When the time comes,

may it be near or far.

May i not fear it but see the endless possibilities of eternal greatness with those whom I love. 

Death will take me one day… but for now 

let me live.


Hey you. 

“Hey you ”

To me you are not just a memory. 

The names that we wrote on the sand, 

Washed by the waters,

Drifted into a distance. 

Not seen by the eye 

But anointed in spirit, 

Drifted to another world where our hands,

Hand in hand unite 

And we are one 

Once again.

As we were 

Entangled forever. 

Our souls entombed as one for eternity. 

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Come on heal

“Come on heal”
I’ve lots,

Lots to give and 

Lots to take. 
I panic ,

Sometimes in buckets.

Others in tidal waves. 
I struggle 

with an endless

list of what have 

And past misfortunes.
But I yield.

I try to let the ribbon fly,

to soar to greater heights. 
I have wounds.

They bore into me tunnels of years,

Aches and pains. 
I fight

An invisible enemy in the mirror. 

Knowing she knows she deserves better than to let herself be defeated. 
I’m the mess I made

But I needed to yield it all. 
Cause the game changes when you do and healing shall come. 

Sewing up the raw. 

Healing the wounded. 

I go again. 

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Goodbyes to you?

“Goodbyes to you?”
Goodbyes are hard. 

They make me think of sad eyes and lips that were bitten in an attempt to stop the tears. 
Some make you think of the possibilities of life, 

if that one had reached its full potential. 
So many tears,

So many goodbyes. 
How can we make our goodbye count?
Some goodbyes rip us from our hearts. 

Others slip softly threading into the night. 

One makes me think of bravery in the face of doom. 

Often I’m lost for words 
So much heartache,

Sometimes hope. 
Let our goodbyes count shall we? 

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Did you?

You had piece me together Bit by bit 

You thought it through and fitted it well 

My brokenness 

My idiosyncrasy

You once loved
You had me figured out so very well

How clever of you. 

So sly, suave, brilliant 

I was under your spell 

It happen so suddenly so simply 

How easily one could fall 
So you had me figured 

And you left it out to dry

All the broken pieces of me

That you would never fix

Simply delete 

Set this brokenness and stupefying madness to peace

And I’ll rest in a kindness other than yours 

Yeah I’ll let it RiP.

Journey losT. Rephrased. 

Some journeys we travel alone and beaten

Others with someone to hold. 

The echoes are corridors leading to places unknown. 

And one could say time travel is sad and lonely in so many ways. 

Still… To have left a marked on the walls of time

And to have held on to that someone for a rhyme. 

No regrets on a journey well spent. 

Some shadows they turn and disappear. 

Some linger in corners till light appears. 

Poured out

 I remember telling you 

how I would love to hold you in the rain. 

Let the raindrops pour over us 

Like stardust and liquid gold. 

I would cling on to you for warmth and feel you crush me in that embrace. 

Time was never on our side 

And even if it was we knew it would end sooner or later 

As the weather changed. 

Hearts changed. 

Still, I hope the rain reminds you of me and us. 

Walking silently across that street 

And into each other’s lives 

For that moment 

In that moment I was happy and no matter what you said you were too. 

Still long for that embrace 

And the rain

That is the constant thing that remains the same …

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