Chinese New Year 2016

 Snippets from our sunny isle  
  Dad and his wife 


Ode to the salted caramel chocolate cupcake

“Ode to the salted caramel chocolate cupcake”
That time of the month

Where the thirst is at its strongest. 

The moon grows full with longing 

And you’re at your weakest 

Your mind is clouded by thoughts of devouring that salty-sweet-sticky goodness

Bit by bit by bit

Till ever lick is gone only than can you be satisfied  

It’s a hunger than one cannot know of till you’ve been through it yourself 

And you suffer it diligently each month 

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Just like that


Just like that the day is done.
The day has passed.
Reminiscing the sun on my skin.
And a walk by the bay with
The birds and the swing.
I was Floating in the sky
Free and high.
The wind caressing my cheek and
A song on my lips.
It was A day filled with endless possibilities
A day well spent.
A day well done.


Food glorious food

These has made me and my belly smile.

1. Hot tomato’s steak and prawn oilo

Medium rare just the way I like it and value for money~

3. Home made garlic bread from our French friend and cous cous salad.



3. Mother’s Day lunch at saizeriya. Value for money! Escargot at $5 bucks


4. Simple pasta that I made


5. Potluck brunch at my friend’s Sophie.





6. Caramel frappe ( yes it’s dessert to me :p )


7. Cedele’s tofu miso linguine


8. Gorgeously yummy bread from green pumpkin!


I’ll be back to take more picture. Do pardon the picture of the half ravaged green bun. It was made of fresh pumpkin and the hello kitty one had fresh red bean (anpan) in it. I don’t normally like red bean but in this bun. I loved it!

9. Homemade brown rice and sides


10. A cup of happiness via pin interest and places that I love





I seem to rather enjoy taking reflections these days.

Day 100!!!!

Starting day 100 with a very delectable Thai lunch with wonderful friends. We went to golden mile and had truly authentic Thai food. 20140430-210806.jpg20140430-210823.jpg
Mango salad! One of my favorites. I love the savory sweetness and sour taste. 20140430-210928.jpg
We had seafood Phai Thai , glass noodles with delicious sauce. 20140430-211037.jpg
This dish, roasted pork with spinach was really wonderful. The chilli padi ( small chilli) makes you sweat! But oh was it so good!)

Something sweet to end the meal.
Mango with glutinous rice ( it was green and had pandan flavor and was heavenly~ )


I guess I have found joy and happiness in the simple things in life. I’m grateful for all I have. And thankful that I have lots to be happy about.

May you find your happy:)