Come on heal

“Come on heal”
I’ve lots,

Lots to give and 

Lots to take. 
I panic ,

Sometimes in buckets.

Others in tidal waves. 
I struggle 

with an endless

list of what have 

And past misfortunes.
But I yield.

I try to let the ribbon fly,

to soar to greater heights. 
I have wounds.

They bore into me tunnels of years,

Aches and pains. 
I fight

An invisible enemy in the mirror. 

Knowing she knows she deserves better than to let herself be defeated. 
I’m the mess I made

But I needed to yield it all. 
Cause the game changes when you do and healing shall come. 

Sewing up the raw. 

Healing the wounded. 

I go again. 

Image off the web 🙂


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