Snow falls…

“Snow falls.”
Snow falls. 

It falls silently and quietly all around her. 

She needed that blast of cold air to hit her. 

Like he hit her. 
” Crunch! Crunch!” Went her boots 

as she hikes through the Forrest. 

Who was it that drew that 1st punch?Had there been hateful words?

Where they churned out like bullets firing pass her as she runs. 
She went to Rose her best friend. 

Perhaps for comfort and for cheer. 

In her mind she was the villain in their eyes. 

Perhaps she just didn’t want to hear anything against her. 

She ignored Rose’s plea over the wind to stay and not misunderstand. 

She just walked on into the Forrest stopping Just to grab a rope at hand. 
It was ungraceful climbing that tree and throwing that rope around a branch. 

She felt it almost comical that it had come to this.

Yet so she had no regrets

And need for 2nd thoughts. 

She just needed the noose firmly around her neck and a swing to end it all. 
She thought she needed no saving. 

She’s happy to be remembered as that silly little useless person that she is. 

But God, He is a humorous God. 

The rope snapped and she was back on that icy floor. 

Perhaps she had to think this through the once more…. 

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