A winter’s walk in Prague


” A winter walk in Prague ”
That sound that snow makes as you sink your boots in. 

The air as you try to exhale 

That puff of smoke or is it mist?

Standing on the bridge and looking out into the city lights. 

Caught in a world of my own. 

Frozen in that moment the beauty of Prague around me. 

The stones and statues laid like immortals anchored to the ground. 

I try to figure out what they are trying to tell me and imagine the stories they could tell if they might. 

Some parts of the bridge scares me a little 

And I see shadows in the twilight.  

Still, I linger and capture the beauty of it 

And try to capture a snowflake with the tip of my tongue as walk on slowly crossing that bridge. 

Image : I took this picture while we were crossing it in 2010 🙂 I truly loved that feeling of being there. I miss snow. 


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