Knowing you 

“Knowing you ”
You claimed to know me and we had the meeting of minds. 

Like the palms of our hands that once met last fall. 
And with the turning tide and the coming of summer you turned to dust and existed no more. 
You whispered you love me and I was mystifying and intriguing. 

But like all imaginary emotions your gazed was momentary and brief. 
It was more than you would admit, our tenacity, 

our love. 
Perhaps it changed you. 

It changed me. 
Growth is adamant and unavoidable in life don’t you think?
I don’t claim to know you. But I loved you without reproach. 
And perhaps one day you’ll see it and embrace the fact that love was love regardless the season. 

Regardless the reason. 

It was just meant to be. 

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