In a sentence 

Diving free fall into pillows. 
Sliding down a pole. 
Eating a giant bowl of orange Jellos. 
Walking barefooted on freshly mowed grass. 
Midnight singing under the stars. 
Taking a dip in a warm pool in my birthday suit. 
Howling when no one is looking. 
Bouncing up and down on a new bed. 
Eating a whole salted bake chicken from limb to limb. 
Singing out of tune and not caring. 
Twirling around and around and around…
Making words that don’t matter but make me happy and mad or sad. 
Crying and shaking when I think no one is looking. 
Scribbling thoughts that become venom if I’m not careful. 
Putting on new clothes , new shoes and tons of makeup to feel good. 
Being told I’m beautiful but feeling ugly on the inside. 
Melting into a puddle of sadness or joy. 
Feeling illusive and void. 
Feeling joy and peace and hope. 
My thoughts a bubble wrap wonder. 
Waiting, waiting to be unfold. 

…Waiting to burst. …

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