Do not forget me 

My skin may fade and beauty wither. 

My soul grow old and frost take over. 

Yet memories and stories will live on, on as whispers. 

And so may life flourish and glitter. 
My eyes may not see 

And speeches may come to a slur. 

And with each passing year my hair grey’s a little. 

But my legacy reminds in those of I loved. 

And I hope a piece of me resonates while this body disappears. 
You know nothing lasts forever 

And we can’t hold on the time. 

It slips and slides like sand 

And so i hope to leave footprints on your pave way. 

Cast clear skies above your storm

And rain sweet kindness, 

memories and kisses when you fall. 

By then would you remember me with your goodness,

that my life be worth the pound and flesh that you have paid for. 

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