Falling in reverse again 

I fall in reverse from the ashes of my mind into the puddle of senses 

And though I’m not sure why I look at my fingers laced with blood and warmth and eyed my motionless body on the floor. 
I fall in reverse knowing the mind cannot erase a moment or two… 

That this wretched soul belongs to you and that forlorn feeling runs deep and true 

And though you no longer care or even give a freaking damn

There must be a part of your aching soul that whispers for me
So my body leaves my soul

Leaves my mind into the empty grave 

I fall from grace I seek empty emotions that won’t stick 

as my mind turns to you 

and I fall into the ground

Kiss it as it rises to meet my muffled sound 

And your face the last of it to sting my lips and anchor my soul

Forever lost in reverse. 

Image via http://www.filemagazine.com/thecollection/archives/2010/04/i_was_falling_h.html


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